Shoe Love


by Sue My friend Wendy (who just signed up for her first half marathon this fall!) asked me what kind of running shoes I wear. Ummm.... Some may see this as a problem? This is the view from the back of my treadmill. I mean, what girl … [Continue reading]

Marine Corp Birthday Wishes?

By Kelly 6 miles Treadmill Run watching Sex and the City Monday morning I couldn't think of a better way to start off my birthday week then with a hot, humid, hilly run with Ryan. It was actually a good run except for the few times I slipped … [Continue reading]

Week Two….

by Sue This is shaping up to be one of those crazy busy weeks where I have looked ahead at my calendar and am feeling a little panicked about when I'm going to find the time to fit all my runs in. Since I leave for work at 6am (and never know an … [Continue reading]

Weekend Randomness


By Kelly Saturday: 9 mile trail run 7am. Ran 6 with a friend and 3 on my own. Sunday:  Jilllian Michaels Extreme Shred & Shred; Kayaking I felt good running today. That might seem like a strange statement for someone who loves to run, … [Continue reading]



by Sue 5 treadmill miles 40:57 min squeezed in after work. This is not my usual time of day to run so I always feel a little off. Since I know I'll be running with Ryan tomorrow morning on our first long run, I figured I needed this little … [Continue reading]

Dew like Diamonds


by Kelly Today:  5 mile hill run with Ryan Hall at 6:00 am Last night I told Ryan that I was going to take my ipod on our morning hill run.   I got "the look" and a "that's fine" response, which is standard when I say I need my ipod.   Ryan is … [Continue reading]

Workouts, Wine, and Prison


by Sue Today:  6 miles outside, flat, 49:25 min My sister-in-law and niece from North Carolina are in town, so being the incredible hostess I am, I took them out to Kelly and I's standing weekend date spot--"The Trail".  I started out running … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Ryan Hall’s Birthday


by Kelly   Yesterday was Ryan Hall's birthday. Not Olympic runner Ryan Hall, but my husband who Sue nicknamed Ryan Hall because of his  seemingly effortless running style.    To celebrate his birthday he and 4 of his friends kayaked 14 miles … [Continue reading]

And so it begins….(again)

We decided to start this blog as a way to document our journey as we train for the Marine Corps Marathon this October.  Yes, we were two (well, three including Kelly's husband) of the lucky 30,000 that got registered within the 2 hours and 41 minutes … [Continue reading]