Some Firsts and This Week’s Runs


It was an exciting start to the week for one of us. First visit from the Tooth Fairy. Monday: 8 treadmill miles in 69:23. Slow, uncomfortable, still sick, and still tired from Sunday. Tuesday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:57. Still not … [Continue reading]

Pop Goes the….


Calf.... I had high hopes for my 14 mile run on Sunday.     I started out before Ryan and Sue .  I was going to meet a friend at mile 2 and she was going to run the remaining 12 with me.   I saw Robyn ahead and then I felt a sharp pain in my … [Continue reading]

Sunday, Runny Sunday


Thursday: 6 treadmill miles in 50:05 The week was winding down and I took the girls for a little treat. Ice cream for dinner. As one would imagine, I received no objections. Banana caramel sundae with marshmallow creme. Added salted … [Continue reading]

A Week in Review


Tuesday-4 mile treadmill run Wednesday-6 mile treadmill run Friday-7 mile treadmill run; Workout with trainer Josh (arms and abs) Saturday night wedding + picking up our niece and nephew to spend 5 days with us + two days out-of-town for … [Continue reading]

Last Week of Summer Vacation


It's already the middle of my week of vacation, and it is going by WAY too quickly. Since my husband is out west backpacking/mountain climbing, we are having a girls week at home. It's the last full week before school starts, so we've been enjoying … [Continue reading]

A Good Run and Some Good Finds


by Sue Thursday: 6 treadmill miles in 49:50. Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:42. Saturday: Long early morning run on trail with Ryan and my friend Kristy, who ran the first half with us. 13 relatively easy miles in 1:55. I felt MUCH better on … [Continue reading]

1 ground beef patty, pierogie stacked, lettuce cheese tomato onions on a sesame seed bun..


Thursday - 5 mile hill run In addition to being a phenomenal runner, Ryan can eat...a lot...and still be a fast runner and fit person.   So last weekend we had friends out to the lake to kayak, paddleboard and cookout.    Over dinner a discussion … [Continue reading]

Heaven in a 9×13 Pan


by Sue Healthy eating can be a struggle for me every day. My self-control is tested most often at work in the form of diet sabotage otherwise known as the POTLUCK. And where I work, they are a regular occurrence. Today's occasion was a goodbye … [Continue reading]

There is no Crying in Running!


Sunday-Rest Day Monday - 3.5 horrible miles Friday night I thought I thought I was properly preparing for our long run Saturday morning.     Ryan thought a carbo loading dinner of pasta was a good thing to have because that is what we will be … [Continue reading]

The (Not-So-Old) Lady Who Swallowed a Fly


by Sue Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:04. Saturday: In prep for this morning's long run, Kelly told me she'd try to get Ryan to drink a couple of extra beers the night before. I suggested tequila instead. A breakdown of the … [Continue reading]