Operation #slowdownsue

Why is it that hashtags make me laugh so much? This week my new training plan for the four weeks prior to the official start of MCM training began. As usual, another crazy week, which required a lot of juggling of my runs. They didn’t all occur in the exact order as they were supposed […]

The Day Our Husbands Ran an Ultra

by Sue My husband has always been runner, although at times sporadically, as long as I’ve known him. Running enjoyment to him consists of hitting the hills in the woods behind our house, with the dogs, on trails only known to himself. He likes a slow pace and does not like to run for hours […]

New Beginnings

Only four weeks til MCM training begins! Yikes. I have slacked more than a little lately. Time to buckle down, eat clean, and get myself in the best shape possible physically, so that when it’s time to really be serious, I will feel good about my diet/nutrition/what I’ve put into my body and my fitness […]

Summer, Sickness, and Snakes, Oh My!

Helloooo, summer vacation….well for the girls, maybe not so much for me. Although I do have a few weeks off this summer which I’m really looking forward to. And I’m definitely glad to have them home more. My mini-Martha Stewart found and made these end-of-the-year teacher gift ideas almost all by herself. She can search […]

“What did you do with my wife?”-Finding my running Mojo

Workouts Sunday-9 miles-trail Monday-1.5 miles- First day of Runners World 2013 Challenge Tuesday-3.1 miles-treadmill/Trainer Josh Wednesday-3 miles treadmill Thursday-5 miles treadmill Friday-1 mile outside / 1 mile treadmill /20 minutes bike Saturday-1 mile run What a difference a few weeks makes. During the Cap City half marathon I was slow, frustrated and didn’t feel like […]

Listening to Your Body

I’ve made a huge effort to increase my speed the past couple months. And I have been successful, for sure….I’ve had a couple awesome PRs that I’m really proud of. But, my hamstring/butt/sciatic nerve(?) has been bothering me maybe more than a little bit lately, and I’m thinking it’s my body’s way of saying I’ve […]

On Running Naked

My week in runs…. Treadmill + progression + last mile at 7:09 pace: Monday: 9 miles in 1:15:00 Wednesday: 6 miles in 49:30 Thursday: 6 miles in 49:38 As I’ve mentioned before, the way I get through so much treadmill running is by watching Netflix on the iPad. I finished off The Tudors (I always […]

Hot in Cleveland-A Look Back at the Cleveland Marathon 2012

Workouts: Last week Sunday-9 miles- Trail Monday-Elliptical 30 minutes/Yoga Tuesday-6 miles – Treadmill Wednesday-6 miles – Treadmill Friday – 4.5 miles – Phoenix Saturday – Elliptical 40 minutes This week – All on Treadmill-Progression runs Monday -4 miles Tuesday-5 miles Wednesday-5 miles Friday-3 miles Sue suggested doing a post on each of our perspectives of […]

What a Difference a Year Makes

Treadmill + progression + last mile at 7:09 (wow! for me) pace: Monday: 6 miles in 49:58 Wednesday: 9 miles in 1:15:21 Thursday: 8 miles in 1:06:31 Friday: 6 miles in 49:33 Saturday: 6 miles in 49:19 So, a year ago last weekend, our friend Tara and I ran our first fulls (Cleveland Marathon), and […]

My Week in Pictures

So it’s back to the grind again. No rest for the weary. I was sore but actually did not feel too badly after the race. Treadmill + progression + last mile at 7:30 pace: Monday: 6 miles in 50:12 Wednesday: 8 miles in 67:43 Thursday: 6 miles in 50:00 My sister sent me these after […]