Happy Anniversary to Us

A year ago this month we started our teeny tiny running blog. Mostly as a way to stay accountable during marathon training. And while it may still be teeny tiny, we really love it! For two busy, small-town friends, it’s been quite the adventure. We have both had a lot of big things happen in […]

Out With the Slow….

So this past week concluded my month of “slowing-it-down”. It took a lot of adjusting to, but now that we’ve gotten to know each other, I have a feeling I’m going to miss it. Last week was also a drop-back week for me–way less miles than I’ve been used to running lately and a long […]

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I wonder how many blog posts I could title with a Sex and the City quote and somehow make them running related? So this was actually the week before last. Obviously, I am behind. Monday: On the schedule was 9 miles (goal pace 9:00-9:15); the last mile 8×30 second strides. Holy. Humidity. The kind where […]

The ABCs of Us

by both of us So Kristin tagged us in the Old School Blogging–Alphabet Style. Everything you ever wanted to know about us and more. Here goes: by Sue A. Attached or Single? Married for almost 15 (wait, what?) years now. Then…. ….and now. (At the 2012 Chicago Half Marathon) B. Best Friend See above. But […]

A Letter to the G2 Thief

Dear Random-dude-on-bike-who-stole-our-strategically-placed-G2-while-we-were-running-long-in-heat-and-95% humidity, Thanks. Thanks so much. Appreciate that. We actually passed you and gave you a friendly wave and a smile, just like we do everyone. In return, you gave us a smirk. Because we think at that point, you had a pretty darn good idea who it belonged to. You were not overexerting […]

What a girl wants..What a girl needs

Workouts Saturday – 10 miles – trail Monday – 3 miles – bike trail The night before (and morning of) a long run or race are somewhat stressful for me. This is mostly because I have convinced myself that I need certain items to have a successful run and if I don’t have any one […]

Pass the Meat, Please

Last weekend’s dance recital. My week in runs: Tuesday: a much needed rest day after Monday’s hill catastrophe workout. Wednesday: I cannot lie. I was glad to be back on the treadmill. I will never, ever refer to it as the Dreadmill again. Autopilot at 9:00-9:15 pace = pure awesomeness. I could get used to […]

Phone Dump Friday

Workouts Tuesday- Bike 30 minutes Thursday-3.1 miles Treadmill Looks like a lazy week but my knee has been bothering me so I have been trying to give it significant recovery time. I took my mom Zipliining for her 71st birthday. Post and more pictures to follow. Much anticipated arrival of Flips to rural Ohio We […]

I Can’t Make You Love Me if You Don’t

So let’s talk a little bit about hills. They suck. Or I suck. Not sure which. On the schedule for Monday was a 1-mile warm-up, 6 hill repeats, and a cool-down for the remainder, for a total of 9 miles. Goal pace 9:00-9:15, excluding the hill repeats; the objective of those being to finish strong […]

Accountability 101

Workouts Tuesday-3 miles treadmill Wednesday – 4 miles treadmill Thursday- 5 miles treadmill Friday-10 mile hike Saturday-9 mile trail run Sunday-4.5 trail run/walk On April 15, I was 4.5 pounds less than I am today. From February until mid-April, I religiously logged my calories and exercise everyday. Beginning April 15 I stopped logging and chose […]