Emerald City Half Training-Wk 1

A long overdue post from me… We are 10 weeks away from the Emerald City Half and I couldn’t wait to start training. I have two training plans to choose from, an intermediate plan from Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training and the other plan is one that I used when I ran […]

Cap City Half Training Wrap-Up

I will start this out by saying to those of you out there who blog–moms, working moms, working not moms, whoever–and still somehow manage to post regularly and consistently?? Well, you just plain rock. Clearly, I do not rock. It seems crazy to me that I left off somewhere after my 2nd training week of […]

Dumbass Running Decisions I Made This Week

Actually this was more like a few weeks ago. But I am determined to catch up on posting about my training! Original title of this post: Cap City Half Training Week Two. But let’s just call it what it really was, shall we? Monday: 1M warmup; 3M@7:40 pace; 1M cool down. Off to a good […]

First Week of Cap City Half Marathon Training

….and nothing went at all as planned. But first….Kelly and I are both signed up for this race which has always been near and dear to our hearts, since we both used to live in Columbus. It’s a nice course (read: FLAT, my favorite four-letter word–unless of course, we’re talking mile 22 of a marathon, […]

12 Weeks and 46 more Training Runs….Cap City here I come!

My #1 training goal is to stay injury free. After reading countless articles on preventing injury in magazines, running books and on the internet, I have created a plan that I hope will have me smiling at the finish line on May 3. 4 days a week of Running I am using the FrontRunner Half […]

This Is It!

Last week of the taper. Obviously not a lot of running going on early this week, so I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing to keep myself sane occupied. But first: Man, if those Marines aren’t motivating, I don’t know who is. Monday: 5 very easy miles outside in 50:15. I’m used to running […]

We are SO on!

Second week of the taper. It really hasn’t hit me yet. It’s been a busy and unfortunately rough week at work–therefore my mind has been distracted. Monday: 4 very easy treadmill miles in 39:04 Wednesday: 5 MP miles outside in 42:28 Thursday: 4 treadmill miles in 37:02 As most everyone knows, on Tuesday MCM registrants […]

Hello, Taper!

And here I am….having arrived safely and intact at the taper. I can’t believe it’s here already. Love it or hate it–I’m not yet sure how I’m going to feel about it this time around. This is hands down, without a doubt the hardest training cycle I’ve ever completed. My body is TIRED. My mind […]

52 Miles and I am at Peace

Last week was my peak training week as far as mileage goes. How was I feeling heading into it? Surprisingly well. The most recent plan had 22 miles on Saturday–the first 11 at 9:15 pace and the last 11 at marathon pace. All good, right? Well…. ….enter me. And my mind. Having an eleventh hour […]

One. Month. No Pressure.

(insert scream here) Hmmm. Maybe a little bit of pressure. Things are getting real now. Seriously though, just a little more hard work to do, then I’ll be ready! So here’s marathon training week 13: Monday: Hill repeats. I have actually grown to not hate them. I mean, I’m not going to get all crazy […]