What I Ate Wednesday

OK, so technically this is WIALW–What I Ate Last Wednesday. Let’s be honest here….me staying up til midnight on a weeknight–ok, well any night–to get this done just isn’t gonna happen. Most days, my morning starts off like this: A Picky Bar and some OJ. And coffee. Lots of coffee. I am loving Picky Bars […]

Healthy Eating for the Endurance Athlete Seminar

Fleet Feet Sports and Whole Foods Market teamed up to offer their customers this great seminar. The evening started out with a presentation from Steven Devor, Ph.D., a Performance Physiologist Specialist. He talked about the best way to fuel your body to perform well as an endurance athlete. He stressed the importance of carbohydrates to […]

Marathon Training Week 10

As I’m writing this, it’s already 10 days into September. September! Just in case this fact had somehow escaped me. I have a lot of work to do in the next two months. I’m looking ahead (OK, so maybe not the best idea) at my training schedule for the next five weeks. To say it’s […]

Marathon Pace: My New Relationship

The next phase of my training plan officially began last week–and it’s all about marathon pace. Which of course poses the million dollar question–what exactly is my marathon pace? My coach feels that based on my previous race times, 8:30-8:35 is both reasonable and attainable for me. She believes I’m capable of this, now I […]

Food, Glorious Food

This quote is so true! I have always said that exercise is my drug of choice. Without it for the last two+ weeks I have found myself eating without worrying about the lack of calories I am burning. At least the high calorie foods I have been consuming have been delicious and worth every calorie! […]

Keeping Calm and Running On

Actually it’s 60-something days now. Yikes. Can’t ever say the MCM marketing people don’t have ways of getting you scared excited! Another drop-back week for me. I’m running this half this weekend. Honestly when I signed up for it, I was intending to run it as a “faster” training run–somewhere in the mid to upper […]

Marathon Training Week 4

A month in already. Wow. Time flies. This was a week of hard workouts. Kind of scary seeing it on the calendar all at once. Monday: Hill repeats 1M WU 4xHR CD for a total of 5 miles in 50:01 Felt sluggish on legs tired from Sunday’s 17-miler. But overall not too bad. Was shocked […]

Not So Clueless

6 mile treadmill run watching Sex and the City Season One This weekend Tara brought me some vegetables from the garden that she and Justin planted this year.  This is their first year of vegetable gardening and look how incredible it is… She gave me a sample of their eggplant, cucumbers, green peppers, basil and lettuce.   […]

Chicken and Chicken Wings

Finally! Had to take yesterday as a rest day (by circumstance, not choice). But….I had the greater part of today to get my house and myself back in order. I hate feeling disorganized, but by the end of today I was feeling much better. What I did: 6 treadmill miles in 50:29 min. Laundry, laundry, […]