Chicago Marathon Training Week 9 & Emerald City Half Recap

First things first, back to school! 7th and 5th grade. Craziness. A bit of a drop back week again due to this weekend’s half marathon. Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 5 easy paced TM miles each day. Saturday: 5 easy paced TM miles plus 5×20 second strides outside for another mile. Sunday’s race! The Emerald City Half is one […]

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 5 & 6

A little (brief) catching up with my training so far….. Week 5: Monday: 5 easy paced TM miles with 5×20 second strides outside afterward, so 6 miles total. The strides felt strong! Tuesday: Rest. Wednesday: Speedwork. 8 TM miles with 4x1600m @7:30 pace with 800m recovery in between. Mile repeats are probably my least favorite […]

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 3 & 4

One fourth of the way in! Whaaaaat?? Week 3: Monday: TM speedwork. 4x800m @7:10 pace w/400m recovery in between for a total of 6 miles. Tuesday: Rest. Wednesday: More TM speedwork. 8 miles with the middle 6 as such: 1M @8:23-8:30 pace (I averaged about 8:23), 1M @8:10 pace, 1M @8:00 pace x2 with no […]

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

In summary of my work week: We are going through some big changes. Hopefully yours was better than mine! This week’s runs: Monday: Speedwork for a total of 8 TM miles–4x1600m @7:30 pace w/800m recovery in between. I’m not a fan of speed workouts in the evening after work because I’m usually pretty tired, but […]

Looking Back and Looking Forward

My year in running: I logged the most miles I’ve ever run in a single year last year. Without marathon training. I’m really pleased with that. I became a Oiselle Flock Team Runner. Kelly and I became Nuun Hydration ambassadors. Both huge opportunities, for which we are so grateful and excited about. We have connected […]

A Bye Week

(artwork credit goes to Anna) It’s a racing bye week! I mean, I love running races but I will tell you how much I also love + need a weekend with no commitments every now and then. Which translates to me getting a decent amount of s*#t done around the house for once. This week’s […]

I’ve Been Waiting for You, September

As I’m writing this, the AC is off and my windows are open! This weekend’s weather was PERFECT in Ohio. I love the anticipation of heading into my absolute favorite time of year, for so many reasons. Let’s talk this week in running first: Monday: 8 treadmill miles Tuesday: 6 treadmill miles Wednesday: 8 treadmill […]

Taper Week and Something Exciting

Tapering this week for the Emerald City Half on Sunday. Here’s how my week went: Monday: 4 hot and hilly miles with Ryan after work. Followed by a glass of wine (or two) with Kelly. Guess which was the best part? Tuesday: First day back to school! I know everyone says this, but I feel […]

Summer Running Plans

Since my bummer race at Cap City, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself and getting way too caught up in trying to PR everything I run. Like to the point of ridiculousness. I’m all about pushing myself but I’m beginning to wonder whether this is really realistic? […]

Dumbass Running Decisions I Made This Week

Actually this was more like a few weeks ago. But I am determined to catch up on posting about my training! Original title of this post: Cap City Half Training Week Two. But let’s just call it what it really was, shall we? Monday: 1M warmup; 3M@7:40 pace; 1M cool down. Off to a good […]