Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 10/11 & Y-City Mile Recap

A bit behind in posting, but here’s what my last few weeks have looked like. It’s been some huge mileage for me. Week 10: Monday: 8 easy pace TM miles. Wednesday: Marathon pace run–2M WU; 5x1600m @8:10-8:20 pace w/400m recovery in between; 1M CD. Friday: Tempo run–9 TM miles with the middle 7 @GMP. These […]

Chicago Marathon Training Week 9 & Emerald City Half Recap

First things first, back to school! 7th and 5th grade. Craziness. A bit of a drop back week again due to this weekend’s half marathon. Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 5 easy paced TM miles each day. Saturday: 5 easy paced TM miles plus 5×20 second strides outside for another mile. Sunday’s race! The Emerald City Half is one […]

Chicago Marathon Training Week 1

   Yep. After some wavering, and a fair amount of procrastination, I pulled the trigger. Marathon #4, here I come!    I am so excited! Nervous maybe, but definitely excited. The timing feels right for me and I decided that this is going to be my year to give back. So I’m going to run […]

Scioto Miles Spring Training Series 15K

So this was back in April, but it was a really good race for me, and I thought it deserved a recap. This was part 2 of the Scioto Miles Spring Training Series which we try to run every year–you have your choice of a 5, 10, or 15K. I missed the first one because […]

Santa Fe Thunder Half Marathon Recap

The four-months-ago race recap. Clearly I’m on top of my shit. But I couldn’t go without writing a post about it….the whole thing was pretty freaking interesting. The expo: It was tiny. It was outside. It was making us feel a little skeptical of the whole operation. The guy in the background is one of […]

Ohio State 4 Miler Race Recap

FINALLY got around to recapping a race. I mean, it’s only four miles–it shouldn’t take that long, right? In case you missed Kelly’s very funny post about it, you can read it here. I will start by saying that if you’re a Buckeye fan (me, by marriage), then this is the race for you. So […]

Best Damn Race in the Land-Buckeye 4 miler

This race was all it was advertised to be and more. 12,000 people, ending on the Ohio State Stadium 50 yard line, OSU football and basketball players running and the medal…

What’s Next

Kelly and I had an AMAZING time in Santa Fe. Spoiler alert: We raced at altitude and did not die! The recap of our weekend and our race will be coming soon. Race recaps are always the hardest posts for me to write. Why is that? Anyway, just a quick update as to my week: […]

We’re running with the Kenyans & Tarahumaras this week-end

As Susan has mentioned in previous posts, we are traveling to New Mexico this weekend to run the Santa Fe Half Marathon. The race this year is predicted to have approximately 1,500 people running.   So why are Kenyan and Tarahumara runners choosing to run this race?    Many Kenyan athletes train in Santa Fe to reap the benefits of high […]

Emerald City Half Recap

A recap of our August 24th half….only a couple weeks behind! Some reasons why I did not train to attempt to PR this race: 1) I took a mental break from the self-induced “I-must-PR-everything-or-else-I-suck school of thought. 2) A half marathon at the end of August in Ohio is rolling the dice as far as […]