The ABCs of Us

by both of us So Kristin tagged us in the Old School Blogging–Alphabet Style. Everything you ever wanted to know about us and more. Here goes: by Sue A. Attached or Single? Married for almost 15 (wait, what?) years now. Then…. ….and now. (At the 2012 Chicago Half Marathon) B. Best Friend See above. But […]

The Day Our Husbands Ran an Ultra

by Sue My husband has always been runner, although at times sporadically, as long as I’ve known him. Running enjoyment to him consists of hitting the hills in the woods behind our house, with the dogs, on trails only known to himself. He likes a slow pace and does not like to run for hours […]

A Good Run and Some Good Finds

by Sue Thursday: 6 treadmill miles in 49:50. Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:42. Saturday: Long early morning run on trail with Ryan and my friend Kristy, who ran the first half with us. 13 relatively easy miles in 1:55. I felt MUCH better on this run compared to last weekend’s–65 degrees and a cool […]

Heaven in a 9×13 Pan

by Sue Healthy eating can be a struggle for me every day. My self-control is tested most often at work in the form of diet sabotage otherwise known as the POTLUCK. And where I work, they are a regular occurrence. Today’s occasion was a goodbye to one of our surgeons. I would have taken a […]

The (Not-So-Old) Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

by Sue Friday: 4 treadmill miles in 32:04. Saturday: In prep for this morning’s long run, Kelly told me she’d try to get Ryan to drink a couple of extra beers the night before. I suggested tequila instead. A breakdown of the numbers: 12 miles at 7am in 1:42 80% humidity The first 7 miles […]

Progression to the Windy City

by Sue Tuesday I took as a rest day since I was at work all day, then from there had to go straight to dance with the girls. Nothing like having two solid hours to catch up on some reading: Kelly, I see your husband is on the cover of September’s issue of Runner’s World […]

Not So Clueless

6 mile treadmill run watching Sex and the City Season One This weekend Tara brought me some vegetables from the garden that she and Justin planted this year.  This is their first year of vegetable gardening and look how incredible it is… She gave me a sample of their eggplant, cucumbers, green peppers, basil and lettuce.   […]

You have to kiss a few frogs…

By Kelly Sunday – Rest Day Monday – 5 mile hill run with Ryan at 6am & afternoon kayak Sunday one of my good friends Tara was in town and we met at the lake to kayak. I was going to consider it a cross training, but I think the fact we had a few beers while kayaking […]

A Positive Negative

by Sue Saturday morning long run on the trail with Kelly and Ryan. 80-ish% humidity at 7am. July in Ohio is so awesome. 11 miles in 1:31 and a negative split!!!! It was actually only by a minute and something, but I don’t care! Compared to last weekend’s long run of 10 miles in 1:27, […]

Finding my Inner Shalane

By Kelly Thursday:  4.2 mile hill run at 6am with Ryan Friday: 3 mile Treadmill run (entertained by Matt Lauer in London) and work out with my trainer Josh (arms and abs) My runners world quote of the day Thursday morning… “I will go through a lot of pain to beat someone.  If there’s pride […]