Pop Goes the….

Calf…. I had high hopes for my 14 mile run on Sunday.     I started out before Ryan and Sue .  I was going to meet a friend at mile 2 and she was going to run the remaining 12 with me.   I saw Robyn ahead and then I felt a sharp pain in my calf.  […]

A Week in Review

Tuesday-4 mile treadmill run Wednesday-6 mile treadmill run Friday-7 mile treadmill run; Workout with trainer Josh (arms and abs) Saturday night wedding + picking up our niece and nephew to spend 5 days with us + two days out-of-town for work = exhausted Saturday 13 mile long run on the Guernsey Country Trail.    It was […]

1 ground beef patty, pierogie stacked, lettuce cheese tomato onions on a sesame seed bun..

Thursday – 5 mile hill run In addition to being a phenomenal runner, Ryan can eat…a lot…and still be a fast runner and fit person.   So last weekend we had friends out to the lake to kayak, paddleboard and cookout.    Over dinner a discussion came up between Ryan and Steve (an owner of the best restaurants close to […]

There is no Crying in Running!

Sunday-Rest Day Monday – 3.5 horrible miles Friday night I thought I thought I was properly preparing for our long run Saturday morning.     Ryan thought a carbo loading dinner of pasta was a good thing to have because that is what we will be eating the night before the marathon.   Saturday I woke up and was ready […]

Friends and the City

Friday- 3.5 mile run with Pam This was a busy week.  Out of town for work Thursday and Friday when usually I have Friday’s off has left me a bit frazzled and to make things worse, running has seemed to be more of a struggle this week then it has since I started our Marine […]