Will this Chick ever run 26?

Where I want to be is in Columbus earning this… But instead I am here on the couch doing this… At least I have Ginger keeping me company. As Sue mentioned in her post, my long run last week didn’t go well, an epic fail is the only way I can describe it. My knee […]

Marathon Training Week 1-Feeling It?

I planned carefully to make sure my Marine Corp Marathon training was going to get me to a marathon PR. I was feeling it…I had my marathon training schedule picked out. Runners world -Your Best Marathon Plan. Five days a week of running, with one day of hill/speed work, one long run and three other […]

What a girl wants..What a girl needs

Workouts Saturday – 10 miles – trail Monday – 3 miles – bike trail The night before (and morning of) a long run or race are somewhat stressful for me. This is mostly because I have convinced myself that I need certain items to have a successful run and if I don’t have any one […]

Phone Dump Friday

Workouts Tuesday- Bike 30 minutes Thursday-3.1 miles Treadmill Looks like a lazy week but my knee has been bothering me so I have been trying to give it significant recovery time. I took my mom Zipliining for her 71st birthday. Post and more pictures to follow. Much anticipated arrival of Flips to rural Ohio We […]

Accountability 101

Workouts Tuesday-3 miles treadmill Wednesday – 4 miles treadmill Thursday- 5 miles treadmill Friday-10 mile hike Saturday-9 mile trail run Sunday-4.5 trail run/walk On April 15, I was 4.5 pounds less than I am today. From February until mid-April, I religiously logged my calories and exercise everyday. Beginning April 15 I stopped logging and chose […]

“What did you do with my wife?”-Finding my running Mojo

Workouts Sunday-9 miles-trail Monday-1.5 miles- First day of Runners World 2013 Challenge Tuesday-3.1 miles-treadmill/Trainer Josh Wednesday-3 miles treadmill Thursday-5 miles treadmill Friday-1 mile outside / 1 mile treadmill /20 minutes bike Saturday-1 mile run What a difference a few weeks makes. During the Cap City half marathon I was slow, frustrated and didn’t feel like […]

Hot in Cleveland-A Look Back at the Cleveland Marathon 2012

Workouts: Last week Sunday-9 miles- Trail Monday-Elliptical 30 minutes/Yoga Tuesday-6 miles – Treadmill Wednesday-6 miles – Treadmill Friday – 4.5 miles – Phoenix Saturday – Elliptical 40 minutes This week – All on Treadmill-Progression runs Monday -4 miles Tuesday-5 miles Wednesday-5 miles Friday-3 miles Sue suggested doing a post on each of our perspectives of […]

GUT IT OUT-cap city half marathon race recap – from a slower perspective

Workouts: Last Week- Monday-6 miles Tuesday-Trainer Josh-All Core Wednesday-3 miles on Treadmill/Barre Class Thursday-30 minutes ellipticial/20 minutues bike Saturday-Capital City Half Marathon-13.1 This Week- Monday-3.1 Treadmill/Yoga Tuesday-Bike 20 minutes/Elliptical 25 minutes Wednesday-5 miles treadmill-progression run Thursday-5 miles treadmill-progression run Woke up to a no excuses running day. I was feeling confident that I would feel […]

Scioto Miles Training Series Part 2 Recap: One More Time Around

Workouts: Last week-Total Miles-32! This week: Tuesday: 4 miles treadmill/Trainer Josh core and legs Wednesday: 6 miles treadmill I woke up for Scioto Miles race number 2 and checked the weather. 50 degrees at 6am = perfect race weather. Because of the nice weather there were a lot more people who showed up for this […]

Snowy Days and Sundays..

Workouts: Tuesday: Ran 3.1 – Treadmill Wednesday – Ran 4 – Treadmill Thursday – Elliptical-40 minutes/Treadmill Walking 15% incline We have a race on Sunday. For some reason this 10k has me nervous, maybe it because of the time I have had to take off running because of my runner’s knee, maybe it is the […]