Santa Fe Thunder Half Marathon Recap

The four-months-ago race recap. Clearly I’m on top of my shit. But I couldn’t go without writing a post about it….the whole thing was pretty freaking interesting. The expo: It was tiny. It was outside. It was making us feel a little skeptical of the whole operation. The guy in the background is one of […]

Looking Back and Looking Forward

My year in running: I logged the most miles I’ve ever run in a single year last year. Without marathon training. I’m really pleased with that. I became a Oiselle Flock Team Runner. Kelly and I became Nuun Hydration ambassadors. Both huge opportunities, for which we are so grateful and excited about. We have connected […]

Santa Fe Trip–Part One

I can’t believe this was almost two months ago! I’ve finally gotten around to getting some pictures together in the form of a blog post. I’m splitting in into two posts–the fun stuff, and then the race recap. Not that the race wasn’t fun (sucking air at 7300 feet is SO FREAKING FUN!), but I’m […]

Ohio State 4 Miler Race Recap

FINALLY got around to recapping a race. I mean, it’s only four miles–it shouldn’t take that long, right? In case you missed Kelly’s very funny post about it, you can read it here. I will start by saying that if you’re a Buckeye fan (me, by marriage), then this is the race for you. So […]

A Bye Week

(artwork credit goes to Anna) It’s a racing bye week! I mean, I love running races but I will tell you how much I also love + need a weekend with no commitments every now and then. Which translates to me getting a decent amount of s*#t done around the house for once. This week’s […]

What’s Next

Kelly and I had an AMAZING time in Santa Fe. Spoiler alert: We raced at altitude and did not die! The recap of our weekend and our race will be coming soon. Race recaps are always the hardest posts for me to write. Why is that? Anyway, just a quick update as to my week: […]

Five Favorites Friday–3rd Ed.

A few favorites and some randomness from my week. 1) Taper week. Well, whether that’s truly a favorite is debatable. Anyway, here’s what I ran this week: Monday: 6 miles of hills after work with Ryan. And some arguing over whose great idea this was. Tuesday: 4 treadmill miles Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles Thursday: 4 […]

I’ve Been Waiting for You, September

As I’m writing this, the AC is off and my windows are open! This weekend’s weather was PERFECT in Ohio. I love the anticipation of heading into my absolute favorite time of year, for so many reasons. Let’s talk this week in running first: Monday: 8 treadmill miles Tuesday: 6 treadmill miles Wednesday: 8 treadmill […]

Emerald City Half Recap

A recap of our August 24th half….only a couple weeks behind! Some reasons why I did not train to attempt to PR this race: 1) I took a mental break from the self-induced “I-must-PR-everything-or-else-I-suck school of thought. 2) A half marathon at the end of August in Ohio is rolling the dice as far as […]

Feeling Hopeful Again

I’m kind of at a weird place in time training-wise because we have only three weeks in between two halfs. Neither of us has done that before, although I know there are tons of people who do this routinely. My goal is to keep my weekly mileage up (upper 30s to low 40s) and get […]