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Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 10/11 & Y-City Mile Recap

A bit behind in posting, but here’s what my last few weeks have looked like. It’s been some huge mileage for me. Week 10: Monday: 8 easy pace TM miles. Wednesday: Marathon pace run–2M WU; 5x1600m @8:10-8:20 pace w/400m recovery in between; 1M CD. Friday: Tempo run–9 TM miles with the middle 7 @GMP. These […]

Chicago Marathon Training Week 9 & Emerald City Half Recap

First things first, back to school! 7th and 5th grade. Craziness. A bit of a drop back week again due to this weekend’s half marathon. Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 5 easy paced TM miles each day. Saturday: 5 easy paced TM miles plus 5×20 second strides outside for another mile. Sunday’s race! The Emerald City Half is one […]

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 7 & 8

Eight weeks in, eight weeks out… Marathon paced miles will be the focus of my training from here on out. I’ve been doing a little bit of that here and there but now there will be a lot more. Like a lot. This also coincides with a pretty significant and consistent jump in weekly mileage. […]

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 5 & 6

A little (brief) catching up with my training so far….. Week 5: Monday: 5 easy paced TM miles with 5×20 second strides outside afterward, so 6 miles total. The strides felt strong! Tuesday: Rest. Wednesday: Speedwork. 8 TM miles with 4x1600m @7:30 pace with 800m recovery in between. Mile repeats are probably my least favorite […]

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 3 & 4

One fourth of the way in! Whaaaaat?? Week 3: Monday: TM speedwork. 4x800m @7:10 pace w/400m recovery in between for a total of 6 miles. Tuesday: Rest. Wednesday: More TM speedwork. 8 miles with the middle 6 as such: 1M @8:23-8:30 pace (I averaged about 8:23), 1M @8:10 pace, 1M @8:00 pace x2 with no […]

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

In summary of my work week: We are going through some big changes. Hopefully yours was better than mine! This week’s runs: Monday: Speedwork for a total of 8 TM miles–4x1600m @7:30 pace w/800m recovery in between. I’m not a fan of speed workouts in the evening after work because I’m usually pretty tired, but […]

Chicago Marathon Training Week 1

   Yep. After some wavering, and a fair amount of procrastination, I pulled the trigger. Marathon #4, here I come!    I am so excited! Nervous maybe, but definitely excited. The timing feels right for me and I decided that this is going to be my year to give back. So I’m going to run […]

Scioto Miles Spring Training Series 15K

So this was back in April, but it was a really good race for me, and I thought it deserved a recap. This was part 2 of the Scioto Miles Spring Training Series which we try to run every year–you have your choice of a 5, 10, or 15K. I missed the first one because […]

Why I’m Working with a Running Coach

I am again working with my coach because I would really, really love to PR the Cap City Half in May. I had some great races this past year, but also what felt like my share of disappointments.  Anyway, I knew that I needed to take some action in order to give myself a shot […]