Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 10/11 & Y-City Mile Recap

A bit behind in posting, but here’s what my last few weeks have looked like. It’s been some huge mileage for me.

Week 10:

Monday: 8 easy pace TM miles.

Wednesday: Marathon pace run–2M WU; 5x1600m @8:10-8:20 pace w/400m recovery in between; 1M CD.

Friday: Tempo run–9 TM miles with the middle 7 @GMP. These always prove tough for me after a full day of work and knowing I’ve got a long run 12 hours later. I dread. I really do.

Saturday: Long run of 18 on the trail with Kelly and her husband. It felt super solid and the last mile was the fastest! Finished in 2:43:56, 9:06 pace.
Photo cred to Kelly, and I have no idea how she didn’t fall off her bike during the process. Yet another confirmation of my pronounced heel strike! Oh, well.

Every year the girls’ gymnastics team runs this race as a fundraiser.
I will honestly say that a one mile race stresses me out way more than the 18 I ran that morning. I don’t know if it’s because I know it’s going to hurt hurt or what, because it’s not like 18 doesn’t hurt. I guess it’s just different? Anyway, I was just going to see what happened–obviously my expectations were not crazy high as this was going to be on very tired legs and it was hot and humid as hell at 6:30pm. But I still wanted to see where I was at.

So a one mile race equals one very short recap. I ran it in 6:13 which is an 11 second PR I think? Freaking excited! I think things may be starting to come together.
2nd overall female. Anna ran it in 7:16 and Livy in 6:46 (!!), both were PRs and they won their age groups, so they were pretty excited about that. Very proud of them.


Sunday: 8 easy pace TM miles.

53 miles total for the week.

Week 11:

Monday: 8 easy pace TM miles.

Wednesday: Marathon pace run–9 miles total, 2M WU; 1M @8:15 pace, 1M @8:35 x3, no recovery in between; 1M CD.

Friday: Tempo run–9 miles with the middle 7 at GMP.

Saturday: 2nd 20 miler of this training cycle. Really happy with the effort considering the high humidity. Last mile was the fastest!
It is so nice to have company. My friend ran the first 11 with me and Kelly biked the last 9. And not only did she bike the last 9, she brought water and carried all of it for me, and literally kept me going physically and mentally, for which I am always so grateful. One day, I will return this favor. Finished in 3:02:03, 9:06 pace.

Sunday: 7 easy paced TM miles.

53 miles total for the week.

The girls and I made these crochet wrap seed bead bracelets to help fundraise for Girls on the Run. $20 each and we will donate all of it directly to them. They are up on our Etsy shop!
A big thank you to all of you who have helped me to support them as I train for Chicago! Such a great cause, and I am so excited to be able to run this race for them!


  1. Awesome!!!! Love the new bracelets and the other knit items in the shop!

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