Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 5 & 6

A little (brief) catching up with my training so far…..

Week 5:

Monday: 5 easy paced TM miles with 5×20 second strides outside afterward, so 6 miles total. The strides felt strong!

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: Speedwork. 8 TM miles with 4x1600m @7:30 pace with 800m recovery in between. Mile repeats are probably my least favorite workout.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Tempo. 7 TM miles with the middle 5 @GMP, 8:23-8:30 pace.

Saturday: 18 miles of long slow distance on the trail, with Kelly who so willingly (thank you!!!!!) offered to be my wingman on her bike. Really happy with how I felt on this one. Finished in 2:47:57, 9:19 average pace.

Sunday: 7 easy paced TM miles.

46 miles total for the week.

Week 6:

Since we were going to be traveling over the weekend, we used this as a bit of a drop-back week.

Monday: 4 easy paced TM miles

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 13 mile long slow distance TM run. 2:02:23, 9:24 average pace.

Thursday: Speedwork. 6x800m @7:10 pace with 400m recovery in between. An ass-kicker, yes, but on the bright side, it’s over pretty quickly.

Friday: Rest.

We headed to Asheville, NC for a family get-together. If you’ve never been (and we hadn’t), it’s a really eclectic, hipster kind of town in the mountains. It’s also the home of the Biltmore Estate, but we were pretty limited on time so we didn’t make it there.
So pretty. But I’m here to tell you there isn’t a flat stretch of ground in the whole place. Horrifying.

Saturday: 4 easy paced miles outside up and down. It was a pretty disjointed run as I had no idea where I was going and since we were downtown there was quite the abundance of traffic lights. Plus one additional mile of 5×20 second strides afterward, ran in the hotel parking lot because it was the flattest piece of pavement I could find. Surely I looked like a complete lunatic.

Anyway, we had a long awaited, and wonderful time with family and friends. I will also throw out the fact that I do, in fact, have the best in-laws ever. And no, they don’t read this:)
My mini-Martha Stewart and I.

Her formal dinner place setting card creations.

So delicious and fun, buuuuut…..back to the grind next week.

Sunday: 4 easy paced TM miles when we got home.

34 miles total for the week.

And…..don’t forget to check out Kelly’s review of Clean Cuisine Dinners and enter to win a PDF copy! (leave a comment on either post to enter; winner will be randomly selected Tuesday). Personally, as I’m heading into some heavy mileage weeks, I’m really trying to be deliberate about what I am eating to fuel my body. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed!


  1. You are killing your training! Great job!

  2. Way to go, Susan! You had a great training week! I feel the same way you do about 800s – they hurt, but the pain is temporary – hahaha! I like short speed work distances! I can totally envision you running back and forth, back and forth, through this little downtown, dodging stop lights; it’s tough for me to find good routes in a new place. Hope you had a blast!!

    • Thanks Tara! Pain is always temporary, right?! There was definitely a lot of back and forth on that run. We had a great time!

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