Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

In summary of my work week:
We are going through some big changes. Hopefully yours was better than mine!

This week’s runs:

Monday: Speedwork for a total of 8 TM miles–4x1600m @7:30 pace w/800m recovery in between. I’m not a fan of speed workouts in the evening after work because I’m usually pretty tired, but I got it done. I am, however, a fan of doing these workouts on the treadmill. Just press the button and I’m on autopilot. And really sweaty.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: Speedwork for a total of 6 TM miles–1M @7:30 pace, 1M @8:23-8:30 pace x2 with no recovery in between. I should clarify that the 8:23-8:30 is marathon goal pace. Trying to wrap my head around that. No, actually I may be trying to block that out:)

Thursday: 5 easy paced TM miles.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Long run outside with Kelly’s husband. When insane awesome running partners offer to run your long runs with you, you take them up on it. He has a trail marathon and a trail ultra later this year, so it actually works out well. And just to shed some light on his level of badassery….he’s planning on running Rim to Rim to Rim next spring! So I’ll definitely owe him some long runs this winter. Anyway, although it was pretty humid, after weeks of rain we finally had a sunny day! 13 miles which felt pretty solid. Average pace 9:21, right on target.

Sunday: 5 easy paced TM miles.

37 miles total for the week.

A couple weeks ago I received my very awesome Team Girls on the Run welcome packet!
I love the handmade thank you card from a GOTR participant. Yet another reason why I feel so good about this.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!
I was kind of bummed we didn’t have a local race to run, but we had a fun weekend, and the girls were excited to wear their new Oiselle running tanks I ordered for us. Poor Lily. Give the girl enough dog treats though and she’ll sit still and wear a hat.

This week is a fresh start!


  1. What a great training week; those were some tough workouts, girl!! I can’t imagine doing speed work at the end of the day; kudos to you for getting it done. People always remark on how early I get up to run but, hey, we do it when we know we will, right? Ha! Love that your girls wore their American Runner tanks-so adorable! Hope your week is off to a great start!

    • Thanks so much, Tara! Yep, we do what we’ve gotta do, right? What race(s) do you have coming up?

  2. Love the Oiselle tanks! My husband and I were sporting ours this weekend too! Great week of training, keep it up! 🙂

    • Sarah–I know, I love them too! And thanks, I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m feeling good about it! What marathon do you have coming up?

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