Chicago Marathon Training Week 1

Yep. After some wavering, and a fair amount of procrastination, I pulled the trigger. Marathon #4, here I come!
I am so excited! Nervous maybe, but definitely excited. The timing feels right for me and I decided that this is going to be my year to give back. So I’m going to run the Chicago Marathon on October 11 as part of Team Girls on the Run in support of this amazing organization (the one millionth girl participated this season!) which helps to build confidence and goal setting skills in girls the ages of my own daughters. If I can help other young girls benefit from running the way mine have, how awesome is that? It really is a no-brainer–choosing this organization just feels right for so many reasons.

Anna at the finish of the GOTR Franklin County 5K last month. A bit of a pain face but man, it was so hot out and she pushed hard to the finish. Also, I want my 12 year old’s arms. Is that so wrong?
So proud of them!

I’m going to make a genuine attempt to blog more consistently with regard to my training–I have a pretty solid base going in, and here is my first week of sixteen:

Monday: Speedwork. 6 treadmill miles with 8x400m @7:10 pace w/200m recovery in between. I’ve been taking things pretty slow and easy since Cap City, so this was actually a welcome change. Plus a one hour yoga class.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: Long slow distance. 12 TM miles.

Thursday: 4 easy paced TM miles.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Speedwork. 7 TM miles with the middle 5 @8:23-8:30 pace.

Sunday: 4 easy paced TM miles.

33 miles total for the week.

Yeah, so a lot of treadmill. Nothing too out of the ordinary for me. I had wanted to get outside a bit, but I bailed with all the humidity and rain.
End of the week randomness. Ice cream sundaes the size of your head.
I am ready to work harder than ever and with a little bit of luck make this the race of a lifetime! I definitely have the inspiration to back it up! If you’re willing to consider a donation of any amount, I would be beyond appreciative. Thank you!

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