Scioto Miles Spring Training Series 15K

So this was back in April, but it was a really good race for me, and I thought it deserved a recap. This was part 2 of the Scioto Miles Spring Training Series which we try to run every year–you have your choice of a 5, 10, or 15K. I missed the first one because we were out of town for gymnastics, but made it to the second!

Even though there was the possibility of missing one (or two) of the races this year for me, it’s still a nice deal because the local Fleet Feet fits you for a free pair of shoes as part of your race entry. So I now own a pair of Saucony Kinvara 5s. Although I am definitely not a minimalist shoe wearer as far as running goes, I can always wear them out and about.

The way things fell in my training schedule, this race ended up being the day after a 15 mile run (which felt awesome, so thumbs up to that!). As opposed to racing it, my coach turned this into a half marathon-paced workout, which I was fine with. It would be good practice–especially on tired legs–and a good indicator of where I was at as far as improving my speed.

Kelly wasn’t able to run this one, but she always texts me some motivation pre-race!

The course was a 5K loop. I know a lot of people dislike that but I find it nice knowing exactly where you are and how much more you have to go. They moved this race around a couple times in previous years, but took it back to the original location– the start/finish is in Genoa Park along the river in downtown Columbus–and I hope they keep it there!

The plan was to run the first mile at 9:15 pace, miles 2-4 at 7:40 pace, mile 5 at 9:15 pace, miles 6-8 at 7:40 pace, and push the pace for the final 1.3.

Coming in to the finish, photo cred to our friend Nicole of Cookies on the Run. Awesome heel strike though! I was tired I guess? Who am I kidding, I’m pretty sure I run like that all the time.

I would say things went according to plan.

My splits:

Mile 1–8:56 (it was harder than I thought to keep this first mile slow)
Mile 2–7:35
Mile 3–7:37
Mile 4–7:37
Mile 5–9:03 (and then it’s amazing what a little break will do for you)
Mile 6–7:35
Mile 7–7:36
Mile 8–7:36
Mile 9–7:48
the last 0.56–4:07 (long course–ugh!!!!)

Per Garmin, 9.56 miles in 1:15:36

I felt super strong on this run. Even on the hills, of which there were several (and then times three!). The nice cool weather definitely helped me out. It was a huge confidence booster in that I felt a bit more relaxed about what I could do and so, so happy! I always worry about hitting my paces. I did not expect to pull that out of myself on that day–especially having run 15 the day before–and it left me feeling like I was in a good place heading into Cap City in three weeks.

Breakfast and Bloody Marys with the third chick afterward.

I ended up 4th/135 in AG and 14th/499 females. And for a training run, that was a nice surprise!

The two best reasons to skip a race–I would not have missed this. So proud of these two and how hard they’ve worked all season!


  1. What whaaaaaat? 3rd Chick?? Was my application approved??
    This series was awesome and I was lucky to get to run one with each of you. You did awesome and it showed on half marathon day!
    I hereby declare a Bloody Mary day with both chicks, race or no race.

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