Why I’m Working with a Running Coach

I am again working with my coach because I would really, really love to PR the Cap City Half in May. I had some great races this past year, but also what felt like my share of disappointments.  Anyway, I knew that I needed to take some action in order to give myself a shot at making this happen.  So I’m sharing why working with a coach has been beneficial to me. The reason I sought out a coach a while back was to make the most of whatever I have as far as running ability. Really I am just a girl with a crazy goal or two. 


In no particular order:

1) My seemingly plateaued self needs a swift kick in the ass. Well, actually this ranks pretty high on the list. 

2) The obvious perk of a customized plan, made for and adjusted specifically to me = no thinking or guessing on my part.  I have an amazing life for which I am so grateful, but it’s a crazy busy one between work, kids who have pretty insane sports commitments, and what always feels like a million balls in the air, which I am certain is no different for anyone else out there.  Family always comes first and clearly time is at a premium.  The point here is that every run I have scheduled serves a specific purpose.  I’m not running just to run. The focus is on quality over quantity. Which I will admit makes me twitch a little, as I have an affinity for a bit higher weekly mileage. But this is where I need to keep myself focused on my goal. It’s taken me a while, but I have learned to accept this–for the most part! Baby steps.  

3) Determination of a realistic goal.  Neither of us is raining on the “dream big” parade.  I mean who wouldn’t love to throw down a 1:35 half? (well I suppose the ladies who run 1:15 halfs) but let’s face it, that is in all likelihood never going to happen for me, and that’s ok.  I have a calculated time range she feels I am realistically capable of.  It will hopefully end up being just the right mix of “I can totally do this” and “Maybe I can do this even better”. 

4) Educating myself. Information is power and wow, have I learned a lot! Particularly–a)Slower paced runs are essential to building endurance. b)The importance of pre-hab and strength training. c)The need for drop-back weeks. I had one last week. Hate them. But I now know the purpose they serve. If you don’t allow time for proper recovery, you are flirting with an overuse injury.  

5) Accountability.  I’m typically not one to miss a scheduled workout. They may be rearranged, but I’m too OCD to let that happen. And I know we all run “for ourselves”, but come on, I don’t want to disappoint either of us with a crap effort.  I respond well to knowing someone’s looking over my shoulder. 

6) Objectivity. I have a tendency to lose sight of the bigger picture every now and then, so it’s great to have someone who can keep things in perspective. 

7) Someone to stop me from doing stupid shit. This also includes defining what exactly may or may not constitute stupid shit. Easy runs run too fast? Check. Too many consecutive days of running? Check. Running too much on the treadmill? Check, check. I can’t be the only one, right?  

So, I’ve handed over a little of my faith to the right person (and she is awesome!), since I sometimes have trouble putting all of it into myself. I’ll admit–I don’t always have the easiest time trusting the process. But I’m working on it.

As of now, I’m already eight weeks into training. I’ve been working really hard and I think I just may be starting to turn the corner to find that long-lost thing called confidence again. Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.


  1. Fantastico! All of it! Looking forward to seeing you napped & showered to greet me at the Cap City finish line. I respect your hard work, it’s very inspiring.

    • Haha, as if! You are going to smoke that thing! Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. For reallllz.

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