2015 Goals and a recap of 2014…


Before I talk about 2015, here are some highlights from 2014….


We had a great travel year! Our destinations included Cancun, Alaska, quick trips to Chicago and Philly, Paris & Amsterdam, Santa Fe, Montreal (with my mom), Korea (was supposed to be Maui), Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Vegas!
Favorite Trip in 2014 – Paris & Amsterdam-This was my first time in Amsterdam and I love exploring new European Cites.   The canals, more bikes than cars and the great food, Amsterdam was so much more than I expected.  We stayed at the ANdAZ and it ranked up there as one of my all-time favorite hotels, funky, fun and a great location.  And Paris is always amazing..hard to find words to describe.


Other 2014 Fun

I saw Kings of Leon, Band of Horses and G. Love and Special Sauce in concert this year.   All great concerts!   We also saw the Comedian Jim Gaffigan on tour and attended the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta.  Favorite 2014 other experience-Band of Horse-A small outdoor venue and they were amazing!


January 2014 I had just been given approval from my Doctor to run (after spending 6 weeks on crutches healing a stress fracture below my knee) . I honestly had big goals for 2014, but I was just too fearful of getting injured again to push hard enough to achieve them. That being said I still had a great racing year. Although the half marathon will always be my favorite distance I ran a lot of shorter races. 5ks (a first for me), 4 milers and a 10k. In addition I ran 3 half marathons, 2 which were the hardest races have ever run (Santa Fe Half and the Amish Country Half).
Favorite 2014 RaceThe Amish Country Half. Although if you had asked me at mile 11, I would have sworn I would never run that race again. Now looking back I loved that I was able to finish such a hard race (hills, hills and more hills).  In addition…
-the Amish support was amazing
-Sue and Pam ran the final quarter-mile with me to ensure I met my goal time.
-You were handed a block of cheese with your medal when you crossed the finish line.


2015 Running Goals

(1) Sub-2 hour Half Marathon
The closest I have come was in 2011 with a 2:04. I would love this to happen in May at the Capital City Half Marathon.   My hometown and a relatively flat course would make it the perfect place to PR!     Sue got me this incredible sign for my birthday from the AVA & LIAM shop on Etsy . I walk by it everyday to remind me of my goal #1 goal for 2015!


(2) Sub-30 minute 5k

I can’t break 30 in a 5k.   I have done plenty of training runs that would get me a sub-30, but always choke when it is race day.   I am not sure I am a short distance runner, but I am going to try.

(3) PR the Amish Half

I think with some serious hill training I could PR this next November.

I know a lot needs to happen to achieve any of these goals.   A huge part of it is believing in myself, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.   My quote for the year is…



  1. I love this post, Kelly! Your travels are so fantastic! I have been to Amsterdam a few times and it is also one of my favorite cities. I have your same half marathon goal but I’m unsure when I’ll get there, I seem to be getting slower

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