Looking Back and Looking Forward


My year in running:

I logged the most miles I’ve ever run in a single year last year. Without marathon training. I’m really pleased with that.

I became a Oiselle Flock Team Runner. Kelly and I became Nuun Hydration ambassadors. Both huge opportunities, for which we are so grateful and excited about. We have connected with some amazing and inspiring people we would not otherwise have “met”.

I had a lot of fun running races with my girls this year. They got into it this summer and I am so proud of them.

I ran numerous races this year, from the one mile to the half marathon, and everything in between. I only set one small PR in one race, which was frustrating–I can’t even explain how frustrating–because I feel like I busted my ass this entire year. I was close a few times, but close is not a PR. I won my age group several times, and I even won a race once! But we all know it’s really a race against one person. And I did not beat her. I’ll be honest, it was a pretty discouraging year. On the other hand, I had some strong efforts on challenging courses–and stepped way out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion–and I’m proud of that.

Since October, I’ve maintained my weekly mileage at 40-plus miles, and hit 50 last week, not training for anything in particular. Super happy about that. As a clarification, a 50 mile week is NOT the norm for me–I was lucky to have a few extra days off work over the holidays, and my kids had a break as far as activities, so I just took advantage.

What’s ahead in 2015:

So let’s talk goals. Or maybe not. I have them. They have been swimming around in my head for a while now. The thought of big goals makes me excited and motivates me. I like having a plan and mapping things out; I like seeing it all written down and accounted for in my planner. But, a lot–a LOT–of the time it completely stresses me out. Why something I love to do induces so much self-inflicted pressure, I have no idea. Which leads to the question of whether or not there is there a full in the cards for me this year. We’ll see. I think so. I hope so. Ugh….I don’t know. This all must sound so vague and conflicted. Which makes sense because that’s exactly how I feel. For now, I’m going to see how it goes with my goal half training, sort some things out in my head, and make a decision from there.

So for now, some goals….some looser than others*:)

1) Break 1:44 in the half marathon. Formulating a plan for this now.

2) Run for fun more with the girls and enjoy the moment. Anna wants to run a quarter marathon this year!

3) 2015 miles in 2015 as part of the Run the Edge challenge.


4) Maybe listen to the voice in my head that keeps whispering to me that I should again attempt to BQ.* Yes, I suppose I just put that in writing.

This is the year I will….


Alright, that’s more than enough rambling from me. I have some catching up to do as far as race recaps. Cheers to a great year and accomplishing big goals!



  1. That’s a great 2014 and some awesome goals for 2015!

  2. This is a great post! Be proud of all that you’ve already accomplished and I look forward to seeing what you do this year. Jesse says he’s real proud too.

  3. Those are great goals! I am doing the 2015 in 2015 Challenge also! I’m doing it with my husband so I don’t ramp up my mileage too much and end up injuring myself. I am excited for the challenge!

    • Thanks, Sarah–I’m a little nervous about them! Glad to see you’re doing the 2015 also. I’ll definitely follow along and see how it’s going!

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