Weekend Update-Seoul

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We are linking up with Tara from Running N Reading for a Weekend Update.
We were supposed to be in Maui this week on vacation, but this happened…


and we had to make a quick change in plans.

Instead of laying by the ocean we are enjoying the amazing city of Seoul. Here are some pics of our adventure so far…

My first flight on a 747.

Eating Korean Barbecue our first night in Seoul. (See the scissors? That is what is used to cut up your meat)


These are two of the running routes that are close to our hotel. The Seoul Tower is located in Namson park and there is a paved trail leading to the top. Needless to say running had been a bit of a challenge this week with the hills/mountains. The treadmill has become the best option for me to stay at a consistent pace.

Unbelievably, we found a Hawaiian Bar a few blocks from our hotel. Jimmy Buffet songs were blaring from the stereo and the tables were surfboards.

Off to bed, it is Tuesday morning here. I hope everyone had an incredible weekend.

Have you ever had your vacation plans change at the last minute?


  1. It looks like you’re making the best of frustrating situation! šŸ™‚

  2. WHOA! What a detour, Kelly! These pictures are fantastic, though; I feel like I’m getting a glimpse of something I would never have otherwise seen, so thanks for sharing this! What are you plans now? Will you try to get to Hawaii when the storm passes? Sheesh; what a mess. I’m glad you are having some fun, and it’s hilarious that y’all found a bar in Seoul that was playing Jimmy Buffet – I love it! Thanks so much for linking up this week; keep us posted!

    • Unfortunately we will not make it to Hawaii this trip. Hopefully we will be able to plan a trip there next year!

  3. What a weekend update! From Maui to Seoul. How does that happen? I’m impressed with your travelling skills and ability. And the fact that you still got your running in!!!

    • It still seems surreal that we are here!! Once the travel advisory for the Hawaii was issued (the night before our flight), it was a lot of scrambling to try make changes that would work within our budget and the time we had off work. It has been a great adventure for something not planned out well in advance!

  4. That’s quite the change! I love that even though you didn’t get to do what you’d planned, you made a change and are enjoying the ride! Hope the rest of your trip is great!

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