A Bye Week

(artwork credit goes to Anna)

It’s a racing bye week! I mean, I love running races but I will tell you how much I also love + need a weekend with no commitments every now and then. Which translates to me getting a decent amount of s*#t done around the house for once.

This week’s runs….

Monday: 8 treadmill miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 8 treadmill miles

Thursday: 6 treadmill miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles

I really, really ought to get myself outside. I know it, you know it, my treadmill and Netflix account know it.

Except that I have now found this.

How exactly have I missed this? I mean I guess it’s been on since 2005 and ended in 2009??


Exciting week over here. My washing machine broke. Yay because I get to ditch the old one, but not yay because I could think of other things I’d rather spend the $$ on. Anyway, it did get me motivated enough to completely clean out and reorganize my laundry/kids’ drop-zone room, something I’ve been wanting to check off my list for a while now. Done!

Annnnd….I’m showing you my laundry room. Clearly, I have stooped to a whole new level of monotony.

I found these little chalkboard signs on Etsy and I’m going to put them on the laundry baskets to designate whites and darks. It was a crazy Saturday night, people. Obviously.

Sunday morning I set my alarm extra early before my long run. I just had to cheer on Shalane. The Berlin Marathon was actually Kelly’s first–she and Ryan ran it in 2011.

Is she amazing or what?

Then, 11 miles on the trail with a friend of ours who we somehow talked into running his first half (and first race ever!) in the spring. We can lay down the peer pressure are encouraging like that. Anyway, fall running weather is here and it was lovely. What a difference. Easy pace run with a nice negative split.

I made The Lean Green Bean’s Crockpot Meatballs for dinner.

Please excuse the lack thereof in presentation/food photography skills. Easy, and happy eaters (for the three who eat meat). I doubled the recipe so we could get a couple more meals out of it, as weekdays are crazy around here.

A great quote I came across this week….


I believe I owe you a couple of race recaps. Coming soon, I promise!

Hope you guys have a great week!

39 miles total for the week.


  1. I would get excited about a new washer and dryer, too!
    And, I love that Joan Rivers quote:)

  2. yay! glad the meatballs worked out for you!

  3. I’m going to have to try out this recipe because, well…anything that cooks in the crock pot is alright by me! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is SO easy to get addicted to these shows – oh, my gosh! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’m on this Scandal kick now and I want to watch it all the time! Save some for when the snow and ice hit and get out while you can. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care!!

    • You should make it Tara, it is so easy and delicious! I know it, I am such a treadmill TV addict. I heard Scandal is awesome….you’re right, I need to start saving up for winter. Those outside runs are going to be few and far between:(

  4. I like organizing rooms, so any excuse to do it and I’m all for it. Except usually I end up starting a project at like 10pm and working for way too many hours on it. Just me? Ok.

    Any kind of crock pot meal is good…weekdays get so crazy! Have a great weekend!

    • Haha! Nope–not just you! Now I just need to do that with the rest of my house….Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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