Best Damn Race in the Land-Buckeye 4 miler

This race was all it was advertised to be and more.

12,000 people, ending on the Ohio State Stadium 50 yard line, OSU football and basketball players running and the medal…

This is by far my favorite medal.

Growing up in a suburb of Columbus with two parents who attended THE Ohio State University, I have always been a huge Buckeye fan.

A quick recap of the race.

We arrived early and the stadium was open so plenty of real bathrooms with no lines.

This was some of the 12,000 before the race started. Got to love the Scarlet!


Susan was going to go out fast, so her super speedy daughters agreed to pace me. Yes, my pacers are ?? And ??? years old, but how could they not be Kenyan like with a mother as fast as Susan.

My goal was to run under 45 minutes. My pace has not increased this whole year, it seems no matter how many miles I am running my pace is in the somewhere in the 11 minute mile range. With the temps in the mid-70s and high humidity I thought it was a doable goal.

Mile 1- Pace 10:30 -The girls are ahead of me the whole time. Serious leg cramping (maybe I was not fully recovered from the 1/2 marathon the week before). Some pleading with them to slow down and hoping not to lose them in the thousands of runners.

MIle 2 – 11:05 pace-girls still close to me, I walked out some leg cramps and through the water station. Oldest of the two kept on looking back and yelling “Come on Kelly.” Youngest stayed by my side and said “this isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” (Yes, that is because we were going 3 minutes slower than their normal pace per mile)

Mile 3-11:45-I was determined to keep them in my sight. All of our faces were so red due to the heat and lack of shade during the race. The youngest said to me “I have only been this hot one other time in my life; it was when I was at gymnastics, the air conditioning wasn’t working and it was 95 degrees”. My thought “please don’t have heat stroke when you are under my watch, your mom will never forgive me.”

Mile 4-10:05 pace-Oldest a bit ahead, still cheering me on. Youngest still by side, until we got into the stadium. That is when they both took off at lightning speed, the youngest high-fiving, Brutus Buckeye before crossing the finish!

Do you have a favorite medal?
What is your favorite race?


Finish time 42:??. Average pace 10:45.

Thank you girls for putting up with my slow pace. I know you would have finished faster without me. But I also know I wouldn’t have finished as fast if I had run on my own!

If you are in the Columbus area, you must do this race!

Here is one of my pacers in her car seat on our way home. Shalene may have ?? and ??? to help her set a course record in Berlin, but I couldn’t have asked for 2 better pacers then A & L!



  1. That looks like such a fun race…congrats!


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