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Kelly and I had an AMAZING time in Santa Fe. Spoiler alert: We raced at altitude and did not die! The recap of our weekend and our race will be coming soon. Race recaps are always the hardest posts for me to write. Why is that? Anyway, just a quick update as to my week:

Starting with Monday….

….and me having issues standing up from a squatting position in the airport. Anyone who runs long or hard knows this feeling. I swear if some random dude in the airport had offered me a piggyback ride I would’ve taken it. We were both in a world of hurt after Sunday’s race. Plus my left hip felt all jacked up during the race and for a couple days after. Thankfully, it has mostly gone away. Very happy about that, because honestly it was a weird new (ie. alarming to me) pain.

So of course the logical thing to do would be to run 4 miles of hills with Kelly’s husband as soon as we got home. Obviously my judgment is frequently questionable.

Tuesday I took a complete rest day. Needed.

Wednesday: 10 treadmill miles. This wasn’t easy, but I mentally need to have at least one double digit run per week, recovery or not.

Thursday: another rest day

Friday: 6 treadmill miles

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles

What’s next on our racing schedule:

Tomorrow. Believe it or not this race had something like 12,000 runners last year and sells out. You finish on the 50 yard line in the stadium and for die-hard Bucks fans that’s a big deal. Personally I’m just hoping the crowdedness doesn’t slow me down.

October 4. A new-to-us race. Also the first 5K race for a couple friends of ours, so we’re excited for them!

October 11. A local 5K. I got my 5K PR at this race last year, as well as first female overall. No idea whether it’s the same course. No idea whether the cross country girls will show up. They didn’t last year, hence the first female overall:) No, really, I’m serious.

November 29. AKA the Burn-Off-All-My-Thanksgiving-Overindulgences half marathon. We are 95% sure we will register for this one, although we’re a little worried there’s a chance it’ll be icy. Ohio weather can be so unpredictable. I’m totally good with cold weather running, but ice is no bueno. If that ends up being the case, we’ll bail.

Because this looks so appealing. Do these people look like it’s so cold they’re barely moving or is it just me?

And last but not least….

May 2. I seem to be on the every other year plan with this race. It is my half PR (2013) and more recently, a complete fail (2014). So that means that 2015 is destined to be my year, right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like an old lady after a tough race? Or maybe I am an old lady? Wait–don’t answer that one.

Anything exciting on your race calendar?

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


  1. I’ve got Chicago, The Flying Monkey Marathon, and St Jude Memphis to finish up this year. I can’t believe these end of the year races are coming up so quickly!

  2. Wow! With your training you are going to do awesome:)

  3. My husband wants to do the Amish Country Half-Marathon SOOO badly! He’s obsessed with the Amish country and has always said that “one day” we are going to do that race. I’m with you…it looks awfully cold and not like a ton of fun but, hey…marriage is all about compromise, right? HA! Our Race for the Cure is on the same date that yours is; we have SO many participants that it’s not so much fun anymore. I usually just give my money and stay home, but I’ve participated in the event several times. I have a half marathon on October 24 which, hamstring willing, should be fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    • Tara, you guys should! We’ll let you know how it goes. We ran a 5K up there this summer and I’m telling you, the Amish are speedy! Girls run in dresses–it is crazy. We heard at the end of this one you get chicken & noodles and a block of cheese, ha! Good luck in your upcoming half–I hope the hamstring is just a temporary glitch for you.

  4. I just have the NYC Marathon coming up in November. I’ve started looking at my 2015 racing schedule but don’t have anything definite lined out yet. I keep trying to fit other races in this year but its coming to an end so quickly!! Good luck with all of yours, you’ll do great! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! Good luck at NYC, that is definitely on my race wish-list. I know, I keep trying to find more races too, there’s just not enough weekends in the year:( Need to start thinking about 2015 now that you mention it….

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