I’ve Been Waiting for You, September

As I’m writing this, the AC is off and my windows are open! This weekend’s weather was PERFECT in Ohio.

I love the anticipation of heading into my absolute favorite time of year, for so many reasons.

Let’s talk this week in running first:

Monday: 8 treadmill miles

Tuesday: 6 treadmill miles

Wednesday: 8 treadmill miles

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles

Sunday: 11 miles on the trail with Ryan and another friend. Unphotographed because I was too busy enjoying the 55 degrees! Finally, a faster run that felt easy. Negative split and a strong finish. Averaged about a minute faster than my easy pace and it felt awesome. Things I learned today: 1) I can still run fast! (well, fast for me–it’s all relative) and 2) When you run with two guys, they like to talk sports. A lot. Ask me about Saturday’s college football games. I know it all now.

And a little bit of randomness/things I’m loving right now:

My amazing friend Kathy showed up at my house with a giant box of my favorite locally-grown honeycrisp apples. Delicious.

And then we went out and bought mums. I don’t know why they make me so happy, but they do.

This one has three different colors in one plant. I can keep this alive, right?

I also have an obsession with white pumpkins. So very Martha Stewart-like of me.

I love some Starbuck’s seasonal coffees as much as the next guy, but let’s be honest here, I don’t want the extra 10,000 calories. Plus I can make this at home in about 60 seconds. At least this is what I’m telling myself.

And to be completely and utterly hypocritical….

Long run fuel??

And what about all the pumpkin-everything recipes on Pinterest? I tend to get lost in the Pinterest vortex.

Next week is a taper week before we head out to Santa Fe, NM for a half–at 7000 feet! Trying really hard to not freak out about that….

39 miles total for the week.

Anyone have any experience racing at altitude?


  1. I am so jealous of your fall temps! They haven’t quite reached me yet, but I can’t wait.

  2. that is some SERIOUS altitude! hope your race is awesome!

    • Thanks, Courtney, it was awesome! (and somehow I just saw your comment, my apologies) It completely stressed me out, but believe it or not, we did way better than we thought!

  3. We had a few cool days but its back in the mid-80s for the foreseeable future. I’m SO, SO ready for cooler weather. Mornings are at least a good temp for running!

    I live at sea level and I’ve raced at everything from 4000-8000 feet and have never had any problems. Just start it out conservative and go by how you feel! Good luck!

    • Sarah–Thanks, that’s good to hear. Well, we survived! It actually went great. I tried to go into it with no expectations (hard for me) but I ended up being only 3 min from my half PR. Go figure–NOT complaining about that:) Is it weird that it ended up feeling easier than running in humidity??

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