100 Days of Real Food Book Review and Recipe

We were honored to learn that we had been selected as Cookbook Ambassadors by Lisa Leake. Our preview copy of 100 Days of Real Food arrived last week and we have already made two of her delicious recipes.

100 Days of Real Food cookbook

The book is so much more than a cookbook; it is a how-to guide to transition you and your family to eating real food.  After reading Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food, and watching the movie Food Inc., Lisa and her family made a pledge  to go 100 days without eating any highly processed or refined food.   She outlines her real food rules in her blog and in the book.   What you can’t eat includes such items as fried food, fast food, and items from a box, can, bottle or package with more than five ingredients.  What you can eat included some surprising items including dairy (full-fat) and wine/beer.   Some of the many benefits her family experienced during and after the change includes reduction in sickness, better cholesterol levels, more energy and weight loss.

If you want to make some changes, but are not ready to go cold turkey as her family did, she developed a 14 week plan to slowly transition to following the real food rules. Each week you make a mini-pledge to help change your way of eating to eating more real foods. A few examples of the mini-pledges are – Week 1-Two Fruits and/or Vegetables per Meal, Week 5-Try two new whole foods Week 11-Eat Local Foods.   She also has a 10 day pledge which I am going to make when we get back from the Santa Fe Half Marathon.

The recipe section includes 100 amazing recipes, 4 of which we will share in blog posts.   All the recipes are easy to follow and family friendly.   You can purchase 100 days of Real Food on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Walmart.

I made the Cinnamon-Raisin Quick Bread Recipe last night.  It was delicous, easy to make and filling.     Lisa shows it below used as sandwich bread with cream cheese.   I ate it plain and it was wonderful on it’s own.   Enjoy the recipe!

Cinnamon Raisen Quick Bread2


Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread Recipe

Do you follow a real food meal plan?

Could you go 100 days only eating real food?




  1. I don’t follow a specific plan, but I do try to stay raw/vegan for breakfast and lunch. I’m always a vegetarian. I try to stay plant based while still allowing for some indulgences. It’s all about balance:)

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