Feeling Hopeful Again

I’m kind of at a weird place in time training-wise because we have only three weeks in between two halfs. Neither of us has done that before, although I know there are tons of people who do this routinely. My goal is to keep my weekly mileage up (upper 30s to low 40s) and get at least two solid double-digit (10-plus) runs in between now and then.

Monday: 4 miles after work with Ryan. Also known as yet another day he tried to kill me. This was ugly. I had run a tough half the day before (recap coming soon) and my quads were really feeling it, but I wanted to get the miles in. Lots of hills and super hot. Let’s just say I’ve had better ideas.

Tuesday: much needed rest.

Wednesday: 10 treadmill miles. Aaaand…..back to having to hold onto the toilet seat before I sit down. I’m a dumbass.

Thursday: 6 treadmill miles + 4 miles on the trail later with Kelly and another friend who is a beginner runner. I pushed it really hard the last two miles to see what I could do. I felt pretty good!

This week’s 6th grade math homework. Because 46,145 yards sounds so much easier, right? You know I was so excited that it was running-related!

Friday: rest

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles

Saturday evening we ran a one mile race, the Y-City Mile, in support of the girls’ gymnastics team. I was not feeling too sure of myself going in. What I did know was that I was going to be pissed at myself if I did not come in (decently) under 7:00.

Holy lung burn. But, I ran so much better than I expected and I was beyond happy! I think I may have stopped my watch a couple seconds late at 6:30, so I’m interested in seeing the official time once they get the results up, since my PR is 6:24. Not too shabby for a sunny 88 degrees and the “masters” AG!

Finally, the confidence boost I needed. Hopefulness is an awesome feeling. I’m beginning to feel ready for some fall racing!

The girls both did great, and my youngest won 1st in her AG as well!

Sunday: 6 treadmill miles

Oh, and one more thing….

We are so excited to have been chosen by Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food as ambassadors for her awesome new cookbook. We’ve tried a few recipes and so far, so good! We’ll both share our thoughts, some amazing recipes, and our full reviews on the blog this week and next, so stay tuned!

37 miles total for the week.

Anyone have experience running back-to-back(ish) longer races?


  1. I ran a back to back 10k and 5k last weekend. I’m running a half marathon this weekend 5 days later. My expectations are low! My goal is to just try and enjoy it:)

    • Oh wow, I am totally impressed by that–shorter and faster = tougher! Good luck on your half, can’t wait to read about it:) Our upcoming half is at altitude (not sure what we were thinking) so our goal is also to try and enjoy it!

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