Scioto Miles 10-Miler Race Recap

We are big fans of races put on by our local Fleet Feet Sports store in Columbus. Always well-organized, they have a “big enough” but not that insanely crowded, claustrophobic feel. Plus they have another race series they put on in late winter/early spring. 45 degrees? Sign me up, I’m all over that business.

This is the second year for their 10-miler, which I also ran last year–you can read that recap here. It’s a point-to-point course which started a short walk from where Ryan’s parents live (that couldn’t have worked out any better!) and ends along the river downtown. What could have worked out better was the fact that I drove in from 90 miles away the morning of on very little sleep–it was a 7am start–because of not being able to get there the night before. And honestly, I was not exactly feeling it. But I’m not one to back out. So the alarm went off at 3:30am.

It was not my expectation that there was going to be PR potential for me today (I ran a 1:20:xx last year)–not being negative, just realistic. On the flip side of that, sometimes I wonder if I’m making excuses for myself. Maybe I need to hear someone say YES, you sure as hell are!

My plan was to stay as close to an 8:00 pace as I could without making myself completely miserable, which in theory ought to be reasonably maintainable for me. At the start we were trying to decide who would “get” to run with Ryan, Kelly’s husband. We have run a LOT of miles together over the past few years, for which I will be forever grateful–training, especially marathon training, ain’t no party solo. Not that it’s especially fabulous in general, but you know what I mean. Usually we are pretty well-matched pace wise, therefore able to push each other, which is great. And both of us have had our ups and downs. Anyway, Ryan is a big motivational-quote kind of runner. Which most days you love him for. But then some days….well, there are some days–right, Kelly? Since there were no takers, I won the prize that morning.

We settled in between the 1:20 and 1:25 pacers. We knew going in it was going to be humid. The temp wasn’t too bad but the air was thick. We also knew going in that there were a couple hills and a long incline, but did not anticipate how many hills there were in the last few miles. The course was a little different than I remember it to be last year, probably because of some road closures downtown. But the last few miles are scenic and pretty, which takes your mind off things a little.

I felt better than I expected the whole way, despite the conditions. And I really was thankful to have a running partner to push me along; it’s always better than going it alone. Was it what I was capable of? No. But for today, I was happy. We ended up with a nice negative split and a super strong finish.


I was very happy with my finishing pace. That is better to look at than my weirdly wrinkled wrist.

Could’ve been a bit closer to a PR, but it could always have been farther away. I will never take anything for granted. Official time: 1:23:29. 8th/77 in AG.

Our friend Pam, Ryan, Kelly, and me.

One giant and very cool medal.


And since I looooove summer races so much, I will probably be back next year.

PLEEEEEASE tell me I’m not the only one who has summer running issues!


  1. Congrats on a great race! Summer running is a beast!

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