Wrapping Up the Summer of the 5K

Can’t say I didn’t follow through with running as many shorter races as possible! Too bad we couldn’t do a couple of 10s–those were hard to find this summer. But it was fun, and mostly relaxed, which I mentally needed. Now I’m starting to feel ready to focus, and more than ready for some fall weather!!

This was my peak mileage week prior to our upcoming half. Again, I’m a couple weeks behind but I’m closing the gap!

Monday: 10 treadmill miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 10 treadmill miles. This run was scheduled for the following week, but since we were going to be on vacation, I swapped it with this week’s 8. I just didn’t want a mid-week double digit run hanging over my head on vacation.

Thursday: 6 treadmill miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: Last 5K of the summer! This turned out to be a very small church fundraiser race. Anna decided she just had to bring our sweet girl Lily to run with.

She looks ready, doesn’t she?

Remember how I mentioned before that all our local races are invariably the same-ish hilly route? Right.

I had a decent pace for the first two miles, and I was happy with my effort despite the hills and once again, that damned humidity. I had passed a few people and felt like I had something for the end! Until I got to the last and longest hill in the third mile and it all went to crap. Again.

I think it may have been a new PW (personal worst) by a couple seconds. Super.

Somehow–and I have to laugh–I still ended up first in age group. And yes, there was more than one person in my age group. I know it crossed your mind. Haha, seriously, how could it not?

Anna running (dragging?) Lily in to the finish. The whole thing was entirely against Lily’s better judgment.

3 more miles on the treadmill later to make it 6.1 for the day.

Sunday: 13 miles on the trail. Kelly and I ran the first three together, then I ran the last ten with a friend who had never run over eight before. He did great!

45.1 miles total for the week


  1. Did not realize you ladies have a blog!! Sue, your weekly mileage is amazing! Keep up the awesome work!!

    • Thank you so much, Erika! Trying my best to keep the mileage up–some weeks are better than others:) And thanks for reading!

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