Summer Running Plans

Since my bummer race at Cap City, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself and getting way too caught up in trying to PR everything I run. Like to the point of ridiculousness. I’m all about pushing myself but I’m beginning to wonder whether this is really realistic? Actually I know the answer to that and it is hell no. Time to take a little step back to gain some perspective and hopefully get back to running for the enjoyment of it, if nothing else.

So this summer is going to be all about RELAXED running and HAVING FUN. No goal race (well, at least not yet:). No stress. Don’t get me wrong–I have every intention of going for a big goal again–but I honestly don’t feel like I’m in PR shape right now, physically or mentally. It is not always easy for me to go with the flow of things, but I’m going to give it a shot.


Because my coach I worked with for the last two races is so above and beyond amazing, she had some great insight into what she thought I ought to do next.

  • Keep working on rehabbing my piriformis and focus on strength training.
  • In order to accomodate the above, a pretty significant mileage reduction (20-25 miles per week) for the months of May and June. Yes, I am cringing even typing that number.
  • Considering taking a break from speedwork. Also cringing. BUT–there is something she suggested called MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) training which involves running within a targeted heart rate range. It is basically running slower to run faster by building aerobic capacity. I still haven’t sufficiently researched this, but I’m going to. Hopefully I will have some info to share!

    I will say that I have been keeping things easy and slow(ish) in these last couple of months. I will not say that I have totally kept my mileage that low. I’m not talking weeks in the 40s but definitely 30s.

    So no marathon on the books for now and I’m ok with that. We do have a few medium-length races coming up:

    August 3rd

    A nice point-to-point race I did last year also. Recap here.

    August 24th

    This is so a PRable course. In fact, I missed a PR here last year by 19 (NINETEEN!!!!) seconds. Yes, I’m trying to block out that little fact. But if you’re interested, you can read about that here. It’s pancake flat. It can be kind of lonely. It can also be swelteringly hot and humid in Ohio in late August. Needless to say I’m a tad conflicted. I’m three weeks into training for it (more on that later) and I still don’t know how I’m going to approach it.

    September 14th

    Ummmm….Guess which one we are most excited about?!?! Although the first couple miles are a gradual uphill, this course is otherwise entirely downhill. I’d obviously like to do decently, but this one is going to be more or less for fun and scenery. There is that tiny little matter of ALTITUDE. Should be interesting. Plus, I am so going on the Breaking Bad tour in Albuquerque.

    And….a 5K pretty much every other weekend. Again, taking things in stride here. When I feel ready to go big or go home, I think it’s going to be totally spontaneous. Hopefully that feeling comes more sooner than later.

    So how has all of this been going? SUPER. I’m finding out that not only is taking a break OK (it really is, Sue!), it has made me appreciate running all the more. And the icing on the cake? Now that my girls are actually “old” enough to want to run, how cool is it to do that with them??!!

    Fourth of July weekend already! Hope you all enjoy! Back soon with an interesting 5K story….

    Anyone ever try MAF training?

    Anyone have anything fun on the race calendar?

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