Making Friends with the Beast

This was a small confidence boosting week.   My Achilles feels so much better, not perfect, but I feel confident I am on the mend!

Emerald City 1/2 Marathon Training Week 2 ….

Sunday – Run/walk 5 miles with Jane

Monday-Elliptical 40 mins-Workout with trainer (abs and arms)

Tuesday-3 miles-Treadmill

Wednesday-40 minutes Elliptical – YOGA!

Thursday-5 miles – Treadmill-Netflix wouldn’t load my next Gossip Girl episode, so under Sue’s advice I started watching this

I am hooked after the 1st episode I am hooked after the 1st episode

Friday-50 minutes-Elliptical

Saturday-6 hot, humid miles on the trail

Although I have always been a slower runner (in most cases I finish in the middle of the pack in races) I am starting to feel that I am not ok with that.

One of Ryan’s (my speedy husband and Sue’s running partner) favorite thing to say to me before I go out for a run is “you look so much faster than you are”. I believe he thinks that it is a complement, but it also makes me wonder if I am living up to my potential.  Is a 10 to 11 minute mile the best I can do?   Based on my cap city half marathon finish time 3 years ago (2:04), I think I can perform better.

So how do I do this?


I am going to set a new goal each week that will hopefully help me increase my speed.

This weeks goal…No Walking or Stopping once I start running until I complete my distance.    I often find an excuse to stop, slow down or walk when I am on a run (my leg is cramping..need to stretch, I think I need to pee, I need to catch my breath and the list goes on).   I will report back next week on if I obtained this goal.

To get faster I know I am going to have to challenge myself mentally, as I have read 1000 times, running is a mental sport almost as much as it is physical.    To do this I will have to do what Ryan tells me over and over “Make friends with the Beast”.   Sue’s Daughter, Anna made Ryan this sign when he was running the 50k.   It now hangs in our basement near our treadmill.    Thanks Anna for the constant reminder.


Any advice on how to get faster?

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