Emerald City Half Training-Wk 1

A long overdue post from me…

We are 10 weeks away from the Emerald City Half and I couldn’t wait to start training. I have two training plans to choose from, an intermediate plan from Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training

hm book

and the other plan is one that I used when I ran my PR half  (a lot fewer miles than the Runner’s World Plan). Since I am battling with Achilles tendonitis, I am going to start with the easier plan and hope to ramp up the mileage a bit when my Achilles feels closer to 100%.    I have never dealt with Achilles issues before, but these are the symptoms I experienced:

  • Pain along the back of my foot and above your heel, especially when stretching your ankle or standing on your toes. …
  • Tenderness.
  • Swelling.

tendinosisLuckily my sports med doc could get me in right away and he prescribed PT and a prescription anti-inflammatory.   He said it was fine to run as long as things don’t feel too painful.

My plan on my running days is if things start to feel uncomfortable switch to the elliptical to finish out my workout.

Week 1 ….

Sunday – Run/walk 4 miles with a friend who is just starting to run.
Monday-Work-out with trainer. Cardio and Abs
Tuesday-Elliptical 50 mins
Wednesday-Run 2 treadmill, Elliptical 40 mins.
Thursday-Run 1 1/2 on treadmill finished work out on elliptical due to cranky ankle.
Friday-Track speedwork. My first attempt at speed work and I actually enjoyed it. 3 miles total.
Saturday-5k-Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library 5k in these….

The Hoka One One Conquest.   These shoes are the only reason I could comfortably run this race.  More on these amazing shoes in a post coming soon. An impromptu bike ride with Ryan after the 5k, 24 miles! Longest ride to date.

This week has not made me feel confident that I am going to run a strong half in August, but hopefully my confidence, Achilles (and speed) with improve over the next few weeks.



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