Dumbass Running Decisions I Made This Week

Actually this was more like a few weeks ago. But I am determined to catch up on posting about my training!

Original title of this post: Cap City Half Training Week Two. But let’s just call it what it really was, shall we?

Monday: 1M warmup; 3M@7:40 pace; 1M cool down. Off to a good start! 5 treadmill miles in 42:21.

Wednesday: I knew I really, really needed to get myself outside and off the treadmill. I had 5 miles with 4×30 second strides afterward and I didn’t want to have to modify runs again this week. I have a thing with sticking exactly to the schedule.
Somehow I totally failed to consider this. And out I went. Ridiculously underdressed. Really no amount of dress would have been appropriate today. I was not close to being warm even after the strides. We’re talking frost on my face kind of cold. We’re talking a weird half sunburn-ish, half white splotchy situation all over my abdomen and legs. Am I not smarter than this? I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold. 6 miles in 56:43.

Thursday: 3 easy, INSIDE treadmill miles in 28:44.

Friday: Happy Heart Day! The girls spent all week working on these:

Seriously, how did we ever function without Pinterest?

The weekend would not be complete without some gymnastics.

And a little celebrating….


Next on the race schedule is this:

This is an awesome training series we did last year. You can read my recap here. Last year it was along a really scenic part of downtown Columbus and has a nice smaller, but not too small race feel. You have the choice of a 5, 10, or 15K for each. This year I’m so excited because my schedule is allowing me to run both, so I’m planning on the 15Ks.

And, if you register early enough you’re eligible for a free pair of shoes, which we stopped to pick up after the meet.

These are Pearl Izumis. I’m not a minimalist kind of girl, so I wouldn’t necessarily run in these, but, hey it’s a free pair of running shoes!

Saturday: Long run on the trail with Ryan. Well, we attempted to run the trail. Running through 6 inches of fresh snow was nearly impossible. So it was either run through snow or run on the country road which runs parallel to the trail (way more traffic than we felt comfortable with). We did a combination of the two. This run could not have ended soon enough. Horrible. And stupid.

Apparently this is what happens after you repeatedly kick the insides of your own ankles while slipping and sliding through 12 miles of snow and ice (2:00:28).

Sunday: 6 treadmill miles at MP (8:40) in 52:09.

Hahaha. My husband thinks he is so funny. I finally found this on the back of my car after I drove all over town the entire morning. Oh, yes. There will be paybacks.

I will be back soon with the last few weeks of training!

32 miles total for the week.

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