First Week of Cap City Half Marathon Training

….and nothing went at all as planned.

But first….Kelly and I are both signed up for this race

which has always been near and dear to our hearts, since we both used to live in Columbus. It’s a nice course (read: FLAT, my favorite four-letter word–unless of course, we’re talking mile 22 of a marathon, in which case I have another favorite word, also beginning with the letter F) and really is just an awesome event in general. If you have never run Cap City, you ought to! It was my first half marathon and where I ran my half PR last year. It will be the fourth time I’ve run it, and I think Kelly’s 5th.

This first week was a major drop in mileage for me. The past several weeks I’ve been running between 44-52 miles/week, with my shortest runs being 8 miles. When I first saw my plan, I felt like I would be regressing I guess would be the word I’m looking for? My coach assured me I’m not, as she has incorporated speedwork into my runs. But seeing the number 20-something as my weekly mileage kind of freaked me out. But–I trust her 110% that she knows what is right for me, so I’m giving up control and going with it.

Monday: 4 miles easy pace with 6×30 second strides after the run, with 2 min. recovery in between.

First outside run since we were in Florida over New Year’s. It was easy to keep my easy pace easy due to the snow and slippery spots. Luckily I found a relatively cleared strip of road where I could do the strides. And I have to say, it felt GREAT to run fast again! Of course, I say this now. After the strides I finished it out to make an even 6 miles in 56:43.

And then this happened Tuesday night.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen snow fall as heavy and as fast as this. The phone picture doesn’t really capture it, but it was crazy! And it pretty much came out of nowhere. A predicted three to six inches turned into twice that. I like to refer to it as the #meteorologicalfail. To quote my father-in-law, “Where’s your grill cover?” I don’t know.

Wednesday: Was supposed to be a hill repeat workout. My go-to route is in Kelly’s neighborhood and she said there was no way it would be happening. My back-up plan was that I would run Wednesday’s run easy on the treadmill. 5 miles in 47:40.

Thursday: Not happening today either for the same reasons. Another 5 easy miles on the treadmill in 47:42.

Saturday I had a 5K planned and then was going to come home and run what was supposed to be Sunday’s easy paced 10 miles since we were going to be out of town all day for the girls’ gymnastics meet. The way the weather was interfering with my training plan this whole week, I had a feeling the 5K had potential to be cancelled. Honestly if they didn’t cancel I was going to show up, check it out, and make a last minute decision as to whether or not I would run it. No way was I going to run–and run fast–if there was any sign of ice. So not worth it. And what’s the point of running a 5K if you have to run slow, right?

As it ended up, the race was rescheduled due to icy conditions. And since it was being held on the same trail where we do almost all of our long runs, I stayed home and planned on treadmilling it. In the words of my daughter, “Looks like you’re running 13 miles on the treadmill today, Mommy!” Fab.

So there you have it. My own personal treadmill half marathon. My coach gave me a backup plan incorporating some speed work, because I had missed out this week. 1 mile warmup, 5 miles at half marathon goal pace (ummm….that’s 7.9 on the treadmill–yikes), followed by 7 more easy paced miles. Sanity saved by Breaking Bad. And yes, those 5 miles were hard. 13.1 miles in 1:56:28.

I definitely was feeling that run for the next couple days.

Sunday was another rest day (needed!) aka a gymnastics meet day. It’s what we do on weekends:)

She proved today that even when it doesn’t start off looking like it’s going to be your day, if you keep your head in the game you can turn it into your day. A 9.5 floor routine score = a gymnastics PR! 1st place floor, vault, and all-around. Way to finish strong! Hmmm….maybe she’s onto something….

Her younger sister did an amazing job too. She is unpictured because her mother forgot to get a photo of her. Well, crap.

That wraps up my first training week! Feels good to be back on a plan again.

What are your spring racing plans?

29.1 miles total for the week.

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