MCM Recap Part One

So the MCM was such a big weekend, I thought it deserved to be divided into two posts. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably already know how I did, so I’m not giving anything away here. I am, however, going to start with the easy (non-running) part first.

My sister surprised the girls at the last minute by deciding to come to DC with us, which was so nice to get to spend time with her! So on Friday, a six-plus hour drive later, we arrived at the expo. We got right in to the bib pick-up area, no problem. The expo on the other hand? That was another story.

The jacket I waited in line for for an hour.


I know. It’s a fact. But I really, really wanted it. The pink is actually much brighter than the picture shows.

Anyway, you know it’s a bad sign when there’s a lady walking around with a giant stick in the air to identify the end of the line–the line which wound its way all around the entire Brooks store within the expo building. But hey, I met some really nice people in line! Although from what I saw on social media sites, the waiting lines for bib pick-up were just as bad later that evening and the next day. So looks like I got lucky.

The obligatory holy-crap-I-guess-I’m-running-a-marathon-tomorrow photo.

The mock turtleneck race shirt the MCM is known for:



We checked in at our hotel and since by that time it was getting late, had a low-key dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Saturday. As much as I would have loved to have spent time walking all around the city–namely Georgetown!–I knew that was not in my best interest. I needed to rest my legs as much as possible. But, we did have a few things planned.

First up that morning was the kids race at the Pentagon. Earlier that week my youngest did her own patriotic piggies in preparation.

So what if the flags are backwards?

Race attire is always a number one concern. Apparently they get this from their mother. They decided to go with Sparkle Skirts and matching socks.

Just after the kids race. I was really hoping for a photo with both of them smiling. If you had seen the little one’s kick to the finish, you’d understand why she wasn’t feeling so well here. They flew! I was so proud of them!

Afterward, we got a little pizza for lunch. I tried to be smart about carb intake and hydrating. I also tried (not very well) to not let my mind get the best of me today. It wasn’t working. I was starting to feel pretty anxious. My apologies to everyone who had to put up with me, including my husband on his birthday.

We rested for a little bit then met up with our friend Allison, who was so nice to drive from PA to meet us. I met Allison last February when she came and lived with us for a month. We had just moved into our new house–everything was a mess–when my husband asked what I thought about having a med student stay with us for a month while she did a rotation at our local hospital (her living accomodations had gotten screwed up). How could I say no? It turned out we have lots in common (ok, well maybe not age), and hit it off right from the start. The girls LOVE her. And we share a deep and abiding love for cupcakes. If there was one thing I was going to do in DC besides run the marathon, it was to get all of us to Georgetown Cupcake.

Decisions. Important ones.

Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Key Lime, Chocolate Chocolate, and Pumpkin Cheesecake. One advantage of the six hour drive was that we could get cupcakes to go. Worth every calorie. And the 50 minute wait outside in the cold.

We had a nice dinner at Cafe Milano with Allison, Kelly and Ryan, Tara, Bud, and his dad Greg. Of course Kelly and I both forgot to take any pictures there. I would have been more adventurous with my meal selection (they had so many amazing choices) if I weren’t running the next day, but I kept things simple with capellini with a light tomato sauce, some bread, and a few bites of the appetizers. And a little bit of wine. It was necessary, trust me.

Gosh, I hope so. (From SparklySoulInc’s Instagram)

What I was also really hoping for was a decent night of sleep. I am notorious for being so stressed that I toss and turn for most of the night. It is so ridiculous but it happens pretty much every time before I have a “goal” race. Does anyone else have this problem? If you do, I am so sorry, because it. is. awful.

I love this card Kelly gave me at dinner.


Thank you, Kelly, for somehow always knowing what I need to hear!

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