Marathon Thoughts from the Non-runner

Yes, there is another chick that should be participating more in this blog, but when it is a running blog and you are still not running, blog writing has become more challenging.

So for now I can give you some running thoughts….
A year ago I ran a fun half marathon with my sister-in-law.

This year she ran it on her own with a new PR! I wish I was there, listening to the same playlist, laughing at the race signs, seeing friends and family cheer us on, but most of all I just wish I was running. I have been able to start exercising elliptical, biking, but I miss running. I need to take it slow and work my way back into it, and I am going to follow my doctors orders exactly, because I want to be able to run next year.

Friday we will head out to DC and I look forward to being an awesome support person/cheerleader for Sue, Tara, Ryan and Bud. I know there are going to be some major PRs from all of them and I will do my best to capture some pics to post to Instagram. Their dedication to this training has been inspiring, Tara-struggling with some injuries, Bud-becoming Vegan (yes, seriously), Ryan-picking up my slack and agreeing to run with less then 2 1/2 months to train and Sue-succeeding at every challenge her coach put in front of her. My thought for all of them…..


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