Healthy Eating for the Endurance Athlete Seminar

Fleet Feet Sports and Whole Foods Market teamed up to offer their customers this great seminar.

The evening started out with a presentation from Steven Devor, Ph.D., a Performance Physiologist Specialist. He talked about the best way to fuel your body to perform well as an endurance athlete. He stressed the importance of carbohydrates to enhance performance and he recommends 60% of your caloric intake be carbs from nutrient dense foods. In case we were confused as to what type of carbs to eat he reminded the group that..You should not be eating Wonder Bread if you are over the age of 5, it is not a nutrient dense carb. Whole, Plant based foods should be our primary source of calories.
The other point that really hit home for me was “Endurance athletes take so much time planning out every run for 4 to 6 months before their race, buying the the best shoes and reading every training tip to make sure we perform at our peak, but we give such little thought to what we put in our mouth each day and how important that is to our performance.”Thought provoking? I thought so.

The next presentation was from Lauren Van Meter, a Healthy Eating Specialist, at Whole Foods. She discussed that clean eating is easy if you can take some time over the weekend to plan your meals. The Lean Green Bean has a great weekly post on how to do this. One of my favorite things that she said was that she uses meat as a condiment not a main dish. She easily whipped up two recipes, the Barley Lentil Pilaf that Sue made last week and a Cherry Vanilla Granola Bar. Both were delicious!

We then got to do a tour of the store where they had food stations set up and we could taste other recipes recommended for endurance athletes.

We took a break after one station and got an excellent glass of wine at their bar.

We finished the night off with the most delicious chocolate bread with a coconut whipped topping. (recipe coming soon)

It was a great night. If you have the chance to attend in your city I guarantee you will enjoy it! Thank you Fleet Feet Sports for another great event.


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