A Long Run and a Short Run

I’m almost caught up! Here’s the end of last week:

Saturday: long run on the trail with Ryan and his cousin Bud, who I ran MCM with last year. Wasn’t sure this run was going to happen when it did–major thunder and lightning right up until I left my house. We lucked out as it only rained the first few miles.

Miles 1-12 @ 9:30 GP
Miles 13-17 @ MP 8:30-8:35

I’ve definitely had easier runs. It was a struggle with 83% humidity. I know–just 83%? I’m so used to 95%! I ran most of the first 12 well under goal pace. I managed to hit my MP miles on target or better, but man, was I ready to be done.

17 miles in 2:32:56

This and last Wednesday’s MP runs left me feeling discouraged. As in, do we need to reconsider my goal MP? During those runs I could not imagine holding that pace for 26.2. I know it’s unfair to base this on just two runs, so I’m trying to keep an open mind, be positive, and give things another chance. And when in doubt, blame the weather, right?

Rehydration at its finest.

I have been craving this lately after those humid long runs. Yes, I ate 1/4 of an entire watermelon in one sitting.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing all the wifely and motherly things I should have been laying on the couch.

That evening we participated in a one-mile race with the girls’ gymnastics team. Of course I really wanted to do this for time. I’ve never done a timed mile. But, I also knew I needed to be realistic here. I just ran a hard 17 that morning. My legs were TIRED. And more importantly, I did not need to be reckless or do anything stupid. So I was aiming for a reasonable effort. And I thought it was hot earlier? It was now a million degrees with full sun. (See above; when in doubt, blame the weather). I would just do the best I could considering the circumstances.

One mile. In 6:24.

Well then. So much for a reasonable effort. Although I did work really hard for it, I actually felt controlled and pretty strong. Surprised myself for sure. And there just may have been a nice downhill at the beginning.

1st in AG!

My husband ran with the girls. My 8 and 10 year old both finished the mile in under 8:00! So proud of them!

My youngest finishing a short kids’ dash after she finished the mile. Check out that air time! We are, however, going to need to work on those arms a little bit:)

Sunday: 5 treadmill recovery miles in 50:04 (10:00+ GP). My legs were definitely feeling it today.

44.04 miles total for the week.

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