Emerald City Half Marathon Recap

So much for getting this post up in a timely fashion. Back to school=back to craziness.

A quick review: This race is held in Dublin, OH, just northwest of Columbus. Kelly and I both ran it two years ago and enjoyed it. Still decent-sized but much less crowded than any of the other big-city halfs we’ve run. Two years ago it was an out-and-back with a hairpin turn, but this year the course changed (definitely an improvement) as this was no longer the case. If you like fast and flat, this is your race. Parts of it went in and out of Glacier Ridge State Park which was nice and shady. As far as the usuals which one would critique a race about, it definitely gets an A.

Saturday night we all went out to eat with my sister at one of our favorite restaurants, Figlio’s.

I had the Pear and Brie Pizza with Arugula. A-mazing. If there’s one thing I miss about living in a bigger city, it’s for sure the food.

OK, so let’s talk about the run. My race plan as given to me was to run the first two miles at 8:00 pace and from there on, run the rest by feel. Specifically so that I would not feel pressured to hit certain goal paces. And to run the best race that I could on that day. My coach gave me an awesome pep talk. She is really great about that. I liked this plan. I liked it a lot. I felt good about it. All set.

Here’s how it all went down.

My splits:
Mile 1: 7:52
Mile 2: 7:55
Mile 3: 7:51
Mile 4: 8:06
Mile 5: 8:06
Mile 6: 8:01
Mile 7: 8:03
Mile 8: 8:07
Mile 9: 8:06
Mile 10: 8:01
Mile 11: 8:10
Mile 12: 8:16 (aka the What the Hell Happened Here? mile)
Mile 13: 7:57

Only 13.03 miles? I must’ve run the tangents really well. Official time: 1:44:45, 8:00 average pace, 11th/93 in AG.

I felt good about how I performed in this race. Maybe not so much at mile 12, but looking at my splits overall–not so bad. I definitely had a couple “I’m so done with this” moments, but that comes with the territory. In fact, I didn’t expect to come this close to my half PR in May, so I was pretty darn content.

And then I started thinking.

19 seconds. So. Freaking. Close.


And that’s when I started the Monday-morning quarterbacking, as my husband likes to call it. Without rehashing every single thought that has gone through my mind, I really think it came down to me thinking that a new PR just wasn’t within reach for me right now and therefore I didn’t expect to come so close. Mind games. I’m a pro. Could I have made a better effort? Well, sure, although maybe I didn’t feel like it at the moment, but that’s certainly possible. And there were times when my legs felt so heavy. My coach said it is not easy to race a half during marathon training because your legs are just not rested enough. And this was not the goal race for me–the marathon is what I’m hoping to PR–and my training program is tailored specifically to that.

The hardware.

So this girl is definitely happy with this one. For now.

32.03 miles total for the week.

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