Scioto Miles 10 Miler Race Recap

Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. Sigh.

But first let’s talk about the actual race and not my “issues”. This was the inaugural Scioto Miles 10 Miler in Columbus, OH. We’ve both run a few of the same race series runs in the past and loved them. The local Fleet Feet Sports store puts them on and always has nice productions. This course was really pretty in some areas, with a few unexpected hills. It ended in a scenic part of downtown along the river. It was a relatively small race (only 500-some runners) which meant blissfully uncrowded. They did a great job with the aid stations–tons of them for only being a 10 mile course–and finishing food/drinks. Not much in the way of crowd support, which I don’t have an issue with–again it was only 10 miles. They also had an age/gender-graded finish time prize of $1000! Don’t precisely understand how that was calculated, but good for that dude! The only minor inconvenience (which we totally broke the rules and avoided) was that since it was a point-to-point course, they wanted everyone to park at the finish then get shuttled to the start. Since Tara lives five minutes from the start, it was a no-brainer for us.

Cute shirt. Always a necessary component of a race review.

Ditto for the medal.

So now for the rest of the story.

My race plan was as follows:
Miles 1-2 @8:00 pace
Mile 3–drop pace to 7:45ish for next few miles
The remaining miles–drop pace to 7:30ish.

Kelly texted me a great quote just prior to the start:

Which I promptly removed from my head.

In summary, I lost the mental game. More specifically, it became a case of self-sabotage.

My splits:
Mile 1: 7:58
Mile 2: 8:02
Mile 3: 7:50
Mile 4: 7:52
Mile 5: 7:56
Mile 6: 7:56
Mile 7: 8:02
Mile 8: 8:08
Mile 9: 8:18
Mile 10: 8:11

I went into this race with so many thoughts in my head as far as what could throw me off today.

  • The weather. (Nope. It was as cool of an August morning in Ohio as you could get).
  • What I did/didn’t eat and drink the night before. (Maybe).
  • Minimal sleep the night before. (Yes).
  • My thinking that there was no way I could start at an 8:00 pace and end at 7:30 for 10 miles. (Yep, definitely).
  • The fact that I was already feeling stressed out in general lately for a multitude of non-running related reasons. (Absolutely).
  • .

    In hindsight, most of the above contributed to the fact that I was just not feeling it from the very beginning. Despite that, I did fine for the first few miles. Not exactly at goal pace, but decent. Then around mile 7-8 it went to crap, I got super discouraged when I couldn’t hit my paces, let alone hold on to it at all, and finally reached the point where I pretty much mentally checked out. I hate to use the word FAIL, but that’s how I felt.

    So, I let my own mind get the best of me. It happens. My coach said that I let doubt in, lost belief in myself, and that’s why things fell apart pace-wise. Or, it was just an off day. That happens too. I told her maybe we ought to reassess my capabilities. She did not feel today’s goals were unrealistic for me, and that regardless, I ended up with a major speed workout for today. So I need to look at it as a learning experience. It may not have been my “A” Goal, but I GOT to run and did a decent job. And if getting bummed out about something like this is the worst thing that happens this weekend, then life is pretty freaking good.

    Here I am at my finishing pace of 6:28. I even got a shout out from the announcer guy for that. So what if it was only for 37.7 seconds? He will never have to know.

    Sadly, missing from this photo is Kelly. A big congrats to our friend Tara who DID accomplish her “A” Goal! And since you could surely use a good laugh after reading through all this, look where I’m holding my water bottle in this photo. Good grief. I’m blaming it on me being delirious.

    Official time: 1:20:54. 6th of 89 in age group and 28th female overall.

    My husband is out of town, so my in-laws came down to the finish with the girls. Afterward we went to an amazing cafe for breakfast–Tara and Justin always choose the best places! I have no photo but four words will say it all: pancake balls with Nutella.

    One last thing. A perfectly timed quote borrowed from @rachel_runner who we follow on Instagram:


    29.1 miles total for the week.


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