Heaven in a 9×13 Pan

by Sue

Healthy eating can be a struggle for me every day. My self-control is tested most often at work in the form of diet sabotage otherwise known as the POTLUCK. And where I work, they are a regular occurrence. Today’s occasion was a goodbye to one of our surgeons. I would have taken a photo of the spread but there was so much food it had to be divided between two rooms. Besides, it would’ve required a wide-angle lens which my IPhone doesn’t have.

I am lucky to work with some really incredible bakers. And now I have obtained the secret recipe for this pan of deliciousness.

Other than a small medium piece of the above, what I did eat was a giant bowl of the most amazing fruit salad, so overall I did a decent job of keeping things in check.

This has become my new go-to meal for dinner. Easy and healthy: tuna, cannellini beans, garden tomatoes and cucumbers, and black olives sprinkled with red wine vinegar and a little basil.

Monday: 6 treadmill miles in 49:48.
Tuesday: Rest day.
Wednesday: 7 treadmill miles in 58:29.

by Kelly

Tuesday: 5 mile hill run.
Wednesday: 7 mile treadmill run.

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