A Positive Negative

by Sue

Saturday morning long run on the trail with Kelly and Ryan. 80-ish% humidity at 7am. July in Ohio is so awesome.

11 miles in 1:31 and a negative split!!!! It was actually only by a minute and something, but I don’t care!

Compared to last weekend’s long run of 10 miles in 1:27, not bad at all.

It is nice changing it up and running with Ryan because a) he kicks my a$$ challenges me, and b) since he is not human he can hold up the convo when I’m too short of breath. Not necessarily in that order. He told me I needed to channel my inner Shalane (Kelly already warned me about this) on the last mile. It sucked but my ending pace on my Garmin was 7:47!

Random impulse purchase last weekend while in “the city”….I love Essie nail polish. This one is Blue Rhapsody and it is crazy awesome at covering up the hideousness that is my toenails, or what my husband refers to as “faux-nails”.

Sunday I took as a rest day since I pushed it hard yesterday. Except Kelly and I are wondering how, if you follow most marathon training plans, are you supposed to get faster long distance-wise if the long weekend runs are designated as “long, slow distance”?

33 total miles for the week.

by Kelly

11 mile run Saturday.
Rest day Sunday.

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